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Our Questron in Action!

As you know, Racquet Quest is a data-driven business, and data requires numbers. To generate those numbers, we have designed and built several devices.

One device is the Questron!

The Questron is used to test every string we receive, and the data is compiled to understand where that particular string fits.

So, instead of talking about it we have included a short video!

Thank you for watching our Questron in Action!  If you have a question, or a particular string of interest, please let us know.  We may have already taken the data!  On there are many graphs of previous tests. is a membership ($40.00 one time) site.



After the String is Strung!

I have often wondered what players know about the “stringing” process and in particular what goes on after the “string is strung”. ¬†So, while Madelyn was here she decided to video me doing what we do after each racquet is strung and just coming off the machine.

Had I known we were going to do this I might have dressed up a little, emptied the trash and fixed the crack in the wall behind the RDC! ¬†But I didn’t.

This video is offered as a “real-time” view of what we do with every¬†racquet and is intended for information and fun only. ¬†If you have any questions please let us know…now enjoy the movie!

Pictures are Easy!

It is easy for me to post pictures of racquets being made ready for shipment to tournament players. However, there is a lot more work before these can be tagged, bagged and packed!

Paperwork is what I am talking about!  I have included some of the paperwork in this image, so you get some idea of what is involved.  Not many people like paperwork but for this work it is essential!

Every racquet we do has the same “paperwork”, but local customers normally¬†don’t need racquets customized and shipped overnight! ¬†Out of town customers, your racquets are typically prepared as close to the “use by” date as possible. ¬†So these racquets¬†were strung and tweaked this morning and shipped (via overnight) this afternoon. ¬†Most of the¬†customization can be accomplished¬†before stringing but final adjustments,¬†if required, ¬†are the last thing¬†on the list.


The¬†“paper work” on the right is data from the ERECA¬†Balance System, and this information is taken at each step in the¬†customization, and at a “play ready” status. ¬†While I still rely on swing weight as the primary dynamic property I use the ERECA system for very precise static balance, total weight, and a quickly¬†calculated swing weight.

The other “paper” is my standard Racquet Record software data that contains over forty (40) pieces of data that are a permanent record in the customer¬†file.

It sounds like a lot of paperwork, but it is necessary to assure consistency and organization.  Every racquet gets the same treatment.

So, the next time you see pictures remember there is a lot more to it than stringing, bagging, and shipping.


“Racquet Works” @ the App Store

My app, Racquet Works, is now available on the Apple app store.¬† Search for Racquet Works and download it!¬† It’s free!¬† This is a great app for your iPhone or iPad and makes it easy to stay up to date about new products and specials.


Racquet Technician Software

Well, it only took a little over two (2) years but the new RacquetRecord‚ĄĘ is now available for users of the MacIntosh and Windows operating system! I made the move to Apple a few years ago and appreciate the “usefulness” of the system so it took a while to get the PC version to market.

With RacquetRecord‚ĄĘ I tried to continue with that “ease of use” functionality.

RacquetRecord‚ĄĘ includes dozens of fields that are designed especially for the serious racquet technician, including client and technical racquet data.¬† Work Orders, Worksheets, Invoices, and racquet labels are easily printed.

RacquetRecord‚ĄĘ is not a “financial” application but includes totals for each racquet strung and “total” reports for year end records.

The cost of RacquetRecord‚ĄĘ is $79.00 for a version without data and $94.00 for a version that includes some product data, and is downloaded to your computer.¬† You can take advantage of a ten (10) day trial.¬† When you purchase RacquetRecord‚ĄĘ a serial number will be sent to you.

Additional functions have been added so the homepage of your version may not look exactly like the image above.

I have kept the price as low as possible so every serious racquet technician can begin to realize perfect organization of the stringing business.