Stringing Services


  • Customization to your specifications
    • $100.00 per hour
    • The first racquet typically takes about an hour.
    • Subsequent racquets usually take less time.

Custom Stringing  Includes String

Custom Stringing Options:

Natural Gut – Babolat VS Team, Touch, Luxilon Natural Gut $70.00
Natural Gut – Value Option- Babolat Tonic + $60.00
Co-Poly /Natural Gut Hybrid Start @$55.00
Super Performance PEEK/Ashaway MonoGut ZX/ZX Pro $44.00
High Performance Multi Filament $40.00
High Performance Synthetic $33.00
General Purpose Synthetic $30.00
Tour Level Racquet Setup.  Includes non-gut stringing, matching all racquets, and sequencing racquets (numbering racquets by string bed stiffness) for consistent match feel. $125.00 per Racquet

$100.00 per Racquet if String Supplied by Client

There are limitless combinations of string, brands, characteristics, and prices.  This information is intended as a general guide only. 

Each Custom Stringing will be priced before you commit to any charges.

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