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For many years I have worked toward the perfect tennis racquet.  I guess you would call it a “quest”. I designed and manufactured several racquets over the years and did not achieve the perfect racquet.  So, I am trying, with Racquet Quest, to come closer to the perfect racquet for you.  This can be achieved with your own racquet by customizing it to suit  your needs, or wants, so before you toss that old tennis racquet give me a call.

Racquet Quest World Headquarters

Custom tennis racquet stringing is the quickest way to improve the performance of your tennis racquet.  It does not have to be expensive!

If you have an interest in “vintage” tennis racquets I have a great selection of “real” players racquets that you can look at and feel!  For more fun with vintage and unusual racquets click on over to www.racquetmuseum.com where you will find specifications for many unique racquets.

Call me anytime to discuss your requirements at either: 407.491.4755 or 407.494.4702.

Log in to www.racquetquest.com for more information.  (This is where you are right now so capture this for future use).  Also, you can keep up to date by joining the Racquet Quest PodCast!  You can click on this link or on this web site, or Apple, and Android podcast services

Let the quest continue!

  1. Thanks John

    • Raj, Head confirms the new Extreme grommets, which are black, will fit your racquet.

      Good luck!


  2. Hello,
    I would like to know I’d you can help me out. I own a few head youtek ig extreme 2.0 midplus racquets( Richard Gasquet’s 2013 version with the clear bumper guard) and would like to add some lead tape under the bumper guard. Since the bumper guard is clear I would like to replace it with a black b umber guard so that the tape is not visible.. can you tell me if there is a bumper guard/ grommet set(perhaps from a different head racquet) that is compatible with this racquet. Thank You in advance

    • Raj, I am researching the compatible grommet sets for your racquet, however, I suggest you use a king size “Sharpie” and, on the inside of the current clear grommet set, make it black.

      I have placed weight tape under clear grommets and it is barely visible. But, I would try the black marker first.

      If I discover a black grommet I will let you know.


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