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Head Graphene 360+ Radical Series Comparative Data

For 2021 there are Three (3) Radical Models!

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Radical MP v21

A Close Look at Orange

The new, for 2021, Head Graphene 360+ Radical series is a radical step into colors that have always been the “mark” of the Radical Series but now it has gone even further into radicalism!

We think that is a good thing!  Why mess around with just a little orange when you can go all out!

It is impossible to see the vibrancy of this orange without holding it in your hand!  We invite to to hold one in your hand and even hit with it!

The Radical MP has been the most popular model over the years.  This model has all the attributes of the Pro without the added weight, (which can be added later if needed)!

The thin beam carries over to the MP and Pro while the S has a slightly wider beam.

The S model fits the very necessary range of 102 square inch racquets because Head has, correctly, reduced the number of head sizes per model.  The Speed series has the 100 square inch head size very well covered.

You will see all the specifications on each individual review that will be posted shortly.




Head Graphene 360+ Radical Pro

Head Graphene 360+ Radical S

Head Graphene 360+ Radical Pro v21

As you would expect the Radical Pro is the heaviest of the Radical Series, but only by a few grams!  What!  When we talk about grams to some players it might as well be angstroms or something like that.  What the heck is a gram?  For many in the US market is still “Talk to me in ounces, please!”

OK, there are 454 grams in a pound and 16 ounces in a pound.  If I said a racquet weighs 285 grams what would you think?  Or, if I said the racquet weighs 10 ounces which sounds better if you are weight averse?

A cup of coffee weighs over 500 grams!

OK, the Radical Pro weighs 13 grams more than the Radical MP so how many ounces is that?

Enough of this stuff!  However, it is important to know what weight is and how it can be a significant factor in your playing.  Weight is your friend!

As you will see in the following specifications a lot depends on how the weight is distributed throughout the racquet.

Head Graphene 360+ Radical Pro

Here is a little hint; take a look at the swing weight of the MP and the Pro and tell me what you see.

The Radical Pro has the “sound grommets’ and the “control pattern” for those concerned with string spacing, and that should be many of you.  String spacing can have a profound affect on durability and playability.

The enlarged circle was intended to show the elongated grommets which allow the string to move and effectively be a little longer meaning more energy return.

Head Graphene 360+ Radical Pro v21
Racquet ModelHead Graphene 360+ Radical Pro v21
Reference Tension55 lbs - 24.9 k
String: Main/Cross
Victrex 7718
Machine UsedTT Professional
ASPS, FlexFour63.5
Racquet Flex, RDC63 - After stringing
Racquet Flex, FlexFour53
Weight, Grams328
Weight, Ounces11.57
Balance, mm321
Balance, Inch12.64
Length, Cm68.5
Length, Inch26.968
Head Width9.627
Head Length12.80
Head Area, cm2624.3
Head Area, Sq. Inch96.8
Beam Width, mm, Shaft, Center, Tip20, 23, 21
In Plane Stiffness, Pounds/In400.0 Lbs/In.
In Plane Stiffness, Kg/cm71.5 Kg/cm

Number of Main Strings16
Number of Cross Strings19
Ratio Cross/Mains.633
Main String Grid7.25
Cross String Grid9.40
Density (% of head filled with string).688
Average Cross String Space.490
Average Main String Space.445
Dynamic Tension, Kp, ERT35
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/in195.8
First Moment, Nm.808
Polar Moment324
Torsional Stability14
Swing Weight, Kg/cm2310
Swing Weight, Ounces10.93
Swing Weight Calculated338
Power, RDC47
Control, RDC54
Manueverability, RDC80
Power, Calculated 1889.7
Head Points6.77 (negative = head heavy)
Head Weight, %46.9%
Center of Percussion20.8
Dwell Time, ms, No Swing8.66
Effective Stiffness - lbs29.1
K, Lb/In (SBS) RDC173.06
Recoil Weight152.11
Twist Weight227.78
End Weight136.1
Tip Weight191.5
Total Weight327.6
9 O'Clock98.8
3 O'Clock97.5
Butt Cap131.3
Total Weight327.6

Happy You Year!

Of course, we are all anxious for the new year to get here and erase 2020 from our memory!

We are designating 2021 as the You Year!  So, Happy You Year!

For the last few years Racquet Quest, LLC has put more emphasis on “custom racquets” and 2021 will see this emphasis extended to “you racquets”!

What exactly does “you racquets” mean?  It simply means that every racquet that leaves Racquet Quest, LLC is set up for your style of play and personal specifications.  Yes, even if the racquet is Off-the-Shelf and not a full custom!

This is the year of “you”! Happy You Year!

Many really good things are happening next year and we are glad you are going to be with us!




What’s New?

We have had a “sneak peek” at some new tennis racquet models that will be arriving early in 2021!  Typically, we can’t divulge a lot of the details yet but suffice it to say these are exciting models!

But let’s back up a minute and talk about new racquets that are here, or should be here, or will be here soon!  The new Wilson Pro Staff series had a delivery date of September 28, 2020.  They are way behind!  If you are waiting for a new Pro Staff…we are sorry!  Who knows what happened, but it is not good when the expected deliveries are not met!

Do you think that Wilson going “direct” has anything to do with this shipping delay?

The new Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph will change only to the Pro Staff colors of red and yellow stripes; the Pro Staff RF 97 will get a new grip pallet and butt cap setup that is intended to be easier on the hand.

The new Tecnifibre RS Series offers some interesting geometric concepts that continue their push for more player traction.

The new Head Graphene 360+ Radical Series retains the classic Radical Orange, but this one is “in your face orange”!  Awesome!  A cool gray shaft and grip temper this orange!

The Radical MP that we have seen has a few changes in shape and dimensions, and in fact, it is a different racquet than the past years.  The head shape is more “round” by a slight amount, and the beam cross-section is different.  The beam height is slightly less than the previous version, but the stiffness remains nearly the same.  The shape of the “yoke” section is a little deeper and slightly wider at the junction of the head.

The new Radical has a “slicker” aerodynamic grommet system, for, no doubt, greater head speed to go with the “spin” friendly grommets!

And, the Radical Series has been scaled back to three (3) models!  The Radical Pro, the Radical MP, and the Radical S.  The Radical S is 102 square inches and the Pro and MP are 98 square inches.

The Head Graphene 360+Gravity has been a top seller and therefore is only getting a “cosmetic” make-over!  The Hot Lava and Teal are being replaced by very interesting blue and yellow graphics!  They look really good!

The Head Graphene 360+ Speed is staying the same but will add a black edition to the mix!  It seems Novak likes black better than black and white so there will be a “black”  in early 2021!

Don’t forget the Head Instinct “Effortless Power” series!  It continues in a new color scheme, still blue and blue but in a more Head consistent pattern.

This week we will be getting the new demo racquets setup for your evaluation…if all goes well!

It is reassuring to know even in this time of uncertainty that racquet companies continue to produce great products that can, and will, help many players stay in the game!