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Wilson H-22

We have a few Wilson H-22 at the World Headquarters!

These are custom racquets, so any resemblance to retail racquets is cosmetic!  These racquets are cut to a length of 27 inches (68.6mm) and have no grip, and the butt cap is not stapled to the pallet!  This means it is ready for a Wilson Leather grip (or standard synthetic) and some minor length adjustment if necessary.

Wilson H-22

There is a well-deserved mysticism around this iconic racquet model!  This racquet has been in the hands of many top professionals over the years and probably many right now!  The relatively thin beam and box cross-section create a predictable and consistent racquet.

These racquets are customizable to achieve the perfect hitting experience for the player seeking a “companion”  not just a racquet!

We don’t have many of these remaining so if you have a special player on your holiday list contact us if you want to discuss the options!



Lets compare the Head Prestige Pro 16×19 v Head Prestige Pro 18×20

The following graphic will show clearly why the pro stock (SMU) racquets are very important in our quest to enhance the performance of all players!

Compare Prestige Pro

A primary reason we work with custom racquets is the length of the racquet as we receive it, which allows us to create up to 28 inches (71cm) long.  We can extend racquets however reducing the length is the preferred option. 

Of course, we can customize the SMU to match the specifications of the retail (27-inch) racquet but with a 16×19 string pattern. 

If you look closely you will recognize the tremendous possibilities beginning with a lighter, more flexible racquet for players of all physical abilities!

The supply of the 16×19 racquets is limited, however, demos are available for both.

Head Prestige Pro 2023 16×19 SMU

I told you something special is coming soon! Soon is here now! And it is special!

Head Prestige Pro 16×19 2023 SMU

We have a limited number of Head Prestige Pro 2023 with a custom 16×19 string pattern instead of the standard 18×20 (we have those as well). These are full custom racquets, meaning they need some customization, and are usually referred to as “Pro Stock” racquets.

These racquets have a different finish than the retail version, primarily shiny instead of a matt finish anywhere.

We receive these in “raw” form, meaning they are not cut or have any post-manufacturing additives, i.e., swing weight and overall weight.

This means we can make a “full custom” version of the retail model up to 27.8 inches long (70.6 mm) except with a more open 16×19 string pattern!

We will add a comparative table for the Pro 16×19 and Retail 18×20.

However, to get things started, we will post the specifications of each racquet “as is.”

Racquet ModelHead Prestige Pro 2023 16x20 SMU
Reference Tension52
MonoGut ZX Pro (PEEK)
Machine UsedTrue Tension Professional
String Bed Stiffness - RDC49.0 Units
String Bed Stiffness -FlexFour59.5 pounds
String Bed Stiffness - SBS43.0 pounds
String Bed Stiffness - ERT35
Racquet Flex, RDC57 - After stringing
Racquet Flex, FlexFour43.0
Racquet - In Plane Stiffness346.1 lbs/Inch
Weight, Grams296
Weight, Ounces10.44
Balance, mm331
Balance, Inch13.03
Length, Cm68.6
Length, Inch27.03
Head Width9.476
Head Length13.052
Head Area, cm2626.7
Head Area, Sq. Inch97.1
Beam Height @ Grip, mm20.0
Beam Height @ Mid, mm20.0
Beam Height @ Tip20.0
Beam Width @ Grip, mm10.7
Beam Width @ Throat, mm10.8
Beam Width @ Mid, mm11.5
Beam Width @ Tip, mm12.2
Number of Main Strings16
Number of Cross Strings19
Ratio Cross/Mains.611
Main String Grid7.25
Cross String Grid10.0
Density (% of head filled with string)74.6%
Average Cross String Space.526
Average Main String Space,453
Dynamic Tension, Kp, ERT35
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/in195.76
First Moment, Nm.758
Polar Moment299.0
Torsional Stability14
Swing Weight, Kg/cm2285.0
Swing Weight, Ounces10.05
Swing Weight Calculated324.3
Power, RDC37
Control, RDC64
Manueverability, RDC97
Power, Calculated 1593.8
Head Points3.78
Head Weight, %48,3%
Center of Percussion20.3
Dwell Time, ms6.048
Efective Stiffness - lbs26.3
K, Lb/In157.05
Recoil Weight129.23
Twist Weight199.70
End Weight 117.0
Tip Weight 179.2
9 O'Clock89.5
3 O'Clock90.0
Butt Cap116.6
COF, Main.412
COF, Cross.331

Now for some GOOD news!

It seems that I am recovering from this cold or whatever it is, so now we can return to a relatively normal schedule!

Am I very happy? Yes!

I want to start with some comments from Willie B. regarding string.  After you read Willie’s comments, we can talk about the string and why it does what it does: to allow players of any level to play without discomfort.

Here is from Willie:

“FYI, my inability to play tennis more than 1-twice a week due to the pain for over 4 years impacted my game. The last time I was ranked was 5.0, but now at 47, probably more like 4.5 (No tournament for the previous 5 years)
The good news is that with the feel of those strings, I can hit back (I practiced with a top player last Sunday, and he even felt it as I am not scared to go big… I have played with him for over a decade)”.

Willie’s racquet technician is Henry Hamels of String MD.  Thank you, Henry, for sharing!

If you have not already guessed, the string material is PEEK, polyetheretherketone, which was marketed as Zyex by Ashaway under the MonoGut ZX and ZX Pro models!  This monofilament format offers an alternative to stiffer monofilament strings while providing, in most cases, better performance and durability!

So, why isn’t every person on earth using PEEK?
  • The raw material is expensive.
  • Some racquet technicians stringers simply don’t know how to handle PEEK.
    • The high elongation of PEEK is a surprise to the first-time stringer.
  • Marketing hype is not strong.
  • Very few players and stringers know about this alternative.
    • See Marketing Hype above!
    • Stringers may have had a poor experience before and are wary.
  • The material does not change shape; therefore, knots are not as tiny as some stringers prefer.
    • PEEK will “tighten” its own knots.
    • Beginning stringers may over-tighten the knot, causing failure…never to be used again!
  • Currently, the material is available in two (2) colors, tan and black.
    • MonoGut ZX is 16 gauge
    • MonoGut ZX Pro is 17 gauge

Depending on the player’s tennis intentions, we may start them on PEEK at age nine (9) but no later than twelve (12).

Thank you, Willie, for your comments!

To see if this material will benefit your game now and for the long term, ask your racquet technician.  

  • Please text us if you need additional information:  407.491.4755
  • Comment on this site, and we will respond to specific questions.
  • If, based on our player history, your application may not be the best, we will tell you.
    • Very beginning players and those players experimenting with various strokes creating mis-hits need to be recognized.