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Wondering about the ThermoPen ONE?

If you were wondering why the ThermopPen ONE was on this site I don’t blame you! I was surprised to see it there myself!

Here is why…

A good client and friend is in the food supply service and we are constantly talking about food and string! He used VS Touch by the way. Anyway, I asked about a food thermometer and he recommended this one, and I went to the ThermPen site while working on this one.

So, the comment I made on Twitter made its way to this site. The ThermoPen ONE is quite frankly a great device!

String Savers

String savers are on my mind today for several reasons so I thought I would post something about them that may be of interest.  Let’s see!

String Savers are tiny little pieces of material that are “grooved” to cradle the string and provide a tiny barrier between rubbing strings, therefore creating a longer, happier life!

String Savers are normally used when stringing your tennis racquet with natural gut string to help the $75.00 job last longer.

But what else do string savers do?

Well, in the case we see here it increases the swing weight from 332 to 341! So 286 of these tiny things have an impact on swing weight! 

Probably the typical reaction would be an increase in string bed stiffness but that is not the case, plus the string bed stiffness is ever-changing anyway.

Searching for something?

The Racquet Quest website has always had a “search” function. However, you may not know where it is!

I didn’t because I usually don’t search from the “home” page.

To search the entire site for any word, go to the “Search RQ” field on the left side of the page, not too far from the top.

Type in what you are looking for, and soon you will have the content you want!

The search function is a great way to find things quickly!


String Frequency Calculator on your iOS or Android Phone!

We are happy to announce our popular SFC application can now be carried around on your phone and tablet!

String Frequency Calculator

Scan this QR code, and the application will be on your phone whenever you need to know when to string your racquet!

This calculation is based on the peak performance of your tennis racquet!

If you are not demanding peak performance for your game right now, you can eliminate your “player style,” which will increase the time between suggested stringing.

The current “player styles” are beg, rec, club, and tour.

A “tour” player would want peak performance, but it is also essential that we, at any level, should expect our string to help us!

The “Value/Playability ratio is subjective (a little) but it places a value on the enjoyment, and comfort, and we know that playing with Natural Gut is more enjoyable than polyester, therefore the favorable ratio.

Our String Frequency Calculator application will help us enjoy tennis more, knowing that we maximize the racquet!

The Racquet Quest ‘String Frequency Calculator’ app as well as other apps we plan on releasing in the near future, are hosted by and available free to users via our partner “Open as App”.  

Steps to download and use our free apps:

  • When you scan our app QR code, you will be prompted to download the Open as App iOS or Android app to your device and create an account. Alternatively, you can simply sign in using your Microsoft 365, Google, or Apple account.
  • You will then see the app you scanned a QR code for in Open as App.
  • Once you open the String Frequency Calculator app within Open as App, you will be able to add it to your iOS or Android home screen, avoiding having to open Open as App every time to access our apps.

To do so, follow the simple steps explained below:

  1. Open on your phone the mobile application “Open as App”
  2. Tap on the app of interest (eg. “Stringing Frequency Calculator”)
  3. Tap on the three vertical dots at the top-right of the screen
  4. Tap “Add to Home screen”
  5. Confirm by tapping “Add”
  6. Done!  You should now see the application directly on the home screen of your device!



Congratulations, Mustangs!

The New Washington Mustangs tennis has grown from five (5) to twelve (12) players in just one year!  Fantastic!

New Washington Mustangs

The team is playing Jeffersonville in the Sectionals which will be a tough match! The Mustangs #! Doubles won their conference so don’t be surprised at how well they do against anyone!

The only name I know in the picture is Rafael, the coach on the left.  Rafael moved from Florida to Indiana and took his love of tennis with him!  It looks like his team is poised to do great things!

Maybe we will see them at the USTA Campus sometime!

Way to go team!