Racquet Quest Equipment

Stringing Equipment

  • True Tension Professional Stringing Machine(s)
    • The optimum racquet support for stress-free racquet performance
    • The ultimate “high performance” stringing machine
  • Wilson Baiardo Stringing Machine
  • Babolat Racquet Station Stringing Machine
    • State of the art electronics

String Testing Equipment

  • Racquet Quest “Questron”

    • Tensile Strength
    • Knot Strength
    • Stress/Strain
    • String over String (2 maximum for clarity)
      • See the above for two (2) strings on the same graph.
          • Visual ComparisonRacquet Quest String Creep Platform
  • Racquet Quest Short and Long Term Creep
  • Racquet Quest In-Plane Platform
  • Racquet Quest Coefficient of Friction Platform

    • String on string COF

Diagnostic Equipment

      • Babolat RDC
        Swing Weight, Flex, Balance, String Bed Stiffness, Static Weight, Diagnostics
      • ERECA – Two-point Balance System
      • RQ – String Bed Stiffness (SBS)
      • RQ – Three-Point Torsional Accuracy
      • RQ – String on String COF
      • RQ – Ball on String COF
  • Beers 1000 Master Tensometer
    Dynamic Tension, Dynamic Tension Set
  • Beers ERT 300
    Dynamic Tension
  • FlexFour
    String Bed Stiffness, Flex, Balance, Effective Stiffness
  • High Accuracy Electronic Scale(s)
    Precise Static Weight
  • High Accuracy Vertical Electronic Scale
    • Used for precise “weighting” of the racquet shaft
  • Ohaus Triple Beam Scale
    Precise Static Weight
  • Wise 2090 Digital Load Cell
    Machine calibration

Printing Equipment

  • AnyCubic 3D PrinterArtillery 3D Printer

  • Large platform 3D printers for grip pallets and customization items

    • Rigid and flexible material capabilities


The redundancy of equipment assures the results are accurate and each piece of equipment is accurate and properly calibrated.


    • Proprietary RacquetRecord™ software was developed specifically for the purpose of collecting racquet data.
    • Accuracy Index Software
    • Efficiency Index Software
    • Linearity Index Software
    • Racquet Comparison Software
    • String Bed Stiffness (SBS) SmartPhone Software (application)
You must have confidence in your equipment whether you are a player or racquet technician.