Head Radical gets “Touch”

The new Head Graphene Touch Radical series is here and the response has been exceptional!

The desire to damp out vibration is a big deal now and “Touch” does this to a significant degree but still retains the “feel” preferred by serious players.

The Radical MP replaces the Radical MPA with a straightaway players racquet of 98 inches, a 16×19 string pattern and a flex of 64!

Perfect for a combination of power and comfort.

The new Graphene Touch Radical series includes the immensely popular Radical Pro, Radical S, and the surprising Radical PWR!

The Radical Pro will accept the popular “Pro Player Cap System” but in the standard configuration weighs in at 326 grams (11.5 oz) with a flex of 66 contributing to the extra power.

Radical S is a beautiful 102 square inch racquet with a 16×19 pattern in a thin beam racquet that weighs in at 295 grams (10.4 oz) strung!  Plenty of room for customization!

This is a surprising racquet and is suitable for many player styles!

Probably the most underrated model is the Radical PWR.  Because we deal with “high performance” racquets, we sometimes overlook the “oversize” offerings that are quite good.  This is one of those!

The Radical PWR is 110 square inches of goodness!

The string pattern can be either 16×19 or 14×19 for increased “spin” potential.  The extra length (.30 in) adds helpful swing weight while keeping the overall weight at 282 grams (9.94 oz) strung.

The new Radical bag line-up is one of the best I have seen recently…


The new Head Graphene Touch Radical racquets are exceptional but if you are in the market for a performance racquet of last years “look” we have several that fit that category.

The Head Speed, Head Radical, Head Instinct, Wilson ProStaff, and Wilson Blade, plus some other surprises!


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