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String Frequency Calculator on your Phone!

We are happy to announce our popular SFC application can now be carried around on your phone and tablet!

String Frequency Calculator

Scan this QR code, and the application will be on your phone whenever you need to know when to string your racquet!

This calculation is based on the peak performance of your tennis racquet!

If you are not demanding peak performance for your game right now, you can eliminate your “player style,” which will increase the time between suggested stringing.

The current “player styles” are beg, rec, club, and tour.

A “tour” player would want peak performance, but it is also essential that we, at any level, should expect our string to help us!

The “Value/Playability ratio is subjective (a little) but it places a value on the enjoyment, and comfort, and we know that playing with Natural Gut is more enjoyable than polyester, therefore the favorable ratio.

Our String Frequency Calculator application will help us enjoy tennis more, knowing that we maximize the racquet!

Congratulations, Mustangs!

The New Washington Mustangs tennis has grown from five (5) to twelve (12) players in just one year!  Fantastic!

New Washington Mustangs

The team is playing Jeffersonville in the Sectionals which will be a tough match! The Mustangs #! Doubles won their conference so don’t be surprised at how well they do against anyone!

The only name I know in the picture is Rafael, the coach on the left.  Rafael moved from Florida to Indiana and took his love of tennis with him!  It looks like his team is poised to do great things!

Maybe we will see them at the USTA Campus sometime!

Way to go team!


SBS Update

We have gone through our string bed stiffness device (SBS) and are nearly settled on the final design! We have been using this device for several months, and we are very excited!

As discussed before, Racquet Quest, LLC believes string bed stiffness is the most efficient and accurate way to communicate how we want our racquet to feel…not reference tension!

We are on this mission for that reason!

There have been, and still are, several devices that are used for that, but what is needed is a player, coach, technician, and supplier consortium to make it happen!

The device will be 100% mechanical, light and fit in a tennis bag, easy and fun to use, and accurate! That is a lot to ask from a single device, but I think we have achieved it!

Oh, yes, it must be financially acceptable to every tennis player, which it will be!
The first pre-production units may be available for testing before general release.

We Need You!
Please take a minute to submit the following form. Your participation is important!

Congratulations, Redbug Topspinners!

Congratulations, team, on a great finish…like #1 I believe!

Redbug Topspinners
















A big Thank You to your Captain, Reggie, for sharing this news with us!  

We are anxious to hear how you do in the new season so please keep us informed!

Good luck!


Sign Up For Good Communication!

Over the past few years, telephone communication has become more frustrating due to robocalls!

I know how frustrating this can be for you because it also happens to us…so we are trying to do something about it.

We are activating a new SMS service that will allow us to communicate more quickly and efficiently. SMS is simply a text message sent to your phone instead of e-mail.

“Short Message Service is a text messaging service component of most telephone, World Wide Web, and mobile telephony systems. It uses standardized communication protocols to enable mobile phone devices to exchange short text messages.”

To get this to work, we need you to “opt In”! On the home page of this site are two “sigh-up” buttons, one on the right and one on the left! That is how important we believe this communication is! Two buttons!


Please join us in this new communication service to keep you informed about the “Spring Cleaning” going on now, plus other exciting things planned for the future!

We will not send you too much stuff or share your information!