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Easy Order is Back!

During this period of social distancing, it is hard to have a comprehensive discussion about your tennis racquet!

So, we have brought back our Easy Order form for your convenience!  Simply go to the form and give us as much information as possible.  Let us know when you can come by and we will reach out and grab your racquet!

In addition to the link in this post, there is a tab on the home page for Easy Order.  Of course, you can use Easy Order even after this virus situation is resolved!

It is as simple as that!

We want everyone to stay safe, please!


The Coronavirus, You, and Tennis.

To our most valued and precious clients and friends, at this critical and ever-changing time in our country, we want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

The coronavirus has caused a statewide shutdown.  Our hours will be changing to reflect this very important step toward taking control of this virus!

Effective immediately our hours will be Monday through Friday by appointment only.  You can be assured that we will maintain the social distancing required to beat this terrible virus.

If you prefer we can deliver your order to your car or ship directly to your home or office.

Please call or text to 407.491.4755.

All of us are going through a very trying time and eliminating as much exposure as possible right now will bring a quicker end to this virus!

Please be safe!

Head Prestige 360+

When you think of Head tennis racquets you likely think of the “Prestige” series, which for over thirty (30) years has been the “performance” racquet!


Because the Prestige series has been considered an all out players racquet the perception that it is stiff has been perpetuated over the years!  This is not accurate, of course!  The data above shows the unstrung numbers of each of the Prestige 360+ racquets.  You will notice the flex is quite suitable for most players!

There is a Prestige for every player style and this new Prestige line has style that truly sets it apart.  Sure there are other red racquets but the Prestige does red better than most other frames, in my opinion.

More data will be added as the demo racquets are strung and ready to go but in the meantime the above data will give you a really good idea of which Prestige 360+ will suit you.  To arrive at an approximate strung weight just add 16 grams to the “overall weight”, and for swing weight add 30 grams to the “swing weight”.

Welcome to the 2020 Bag Blow Out!

Wow!  The year 2020 is off to a rush!

If you want to start the year off right take advantage of our incredible bag opportunity!

Any bag…any bag is $50.00!  We simply have too many and need them be with you, not us!  The bags will thank you and so will your racquets!

This opportunity will expire at the end of January so come in soon for the best selection.

If you text for more information please use the code “bagblowout” in the subject line.

This will get you off to a good “cost saving” year!

Happy New Year!


2020 is Coming Into Focus!

2019 came and went in a blur!  In a few days it will 2020 and with it will come some exciting new tennis stuff, for sure!

I am not so good at predicting things but I do it anyway!  Here are a few predictions I will make for 2020:

  1. Tennis racquets will become more expensive, but only slightly.
  2. On-line sales of tennis racquets will increase.  See this previous post.
  3. Customer satisfaction with on-line sales will decrease.
  4. Small specialty tennis shops will be the source of information, then #2, and then #3.
  5. Players will stick with a racquet longer, making customizations as needed.
  6. String and stringing will become a more important component of a racquet purchase.  See below!
  7. Tennis related injuries will continue to be a problem for the sport going forward.

    No Underage Polyester, Please!

    Thank you for thinking about the “long term” for all tennis players!

    There are no bad strings just bad applications!

    The right equipment is crucial to the long term enjoyment, and winning, of tennis!

    The local representatives I deal with are committed to our “well being” even though some may feel like they are facing “extinction”!

    An excellent example of what we are talking about just walked in! Two (2) new racquets so poorly strung it is shocking!

    The customer is having serious arm issues with an excellent racquet, with a terrible string setup! But the string setup is probably considered by many to be the ultimate combination, that is RPM Blast in the main and VS Touch in the cross! That combination is coming out in a few minutes!  No more polyester!

    The quality of the stringing is what is so wrong! Had you or I received this racquet, we would have returned it at once! Why? Because it exemplifies the attitude of so many stringers that is “who cares”!

Happy New Year!