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We have family in town for a few days, so our schedule will be their schedule!

Please text us with any questions about time in the World Headquarters!

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Wrong Planet?

Yesterday a good friend was in the World Headquarters, and as usual, our discussion turned to player training, the necessity, and the over-training of players, mainly juniors!

This training may include the wrong equipment setup, unnecessarily stiff strings, and sometimes stiff, light racquets.  This may cause injuries at every level of player from recreational to professional!

My friend, by the way, is a Collegiate All-American, a professional player, and a coach! 

After we discussed how to change this behavior, she said something quite interesting;

“John, you are on a different planet!”


So two things can happen;

  1.  Abandon my planet
  2.  Invite you to join our planet!

We have chosen number 2!

  • to invite you to our planet!

 There will be no need for interplanetary travel right now, but we do need to pick a name for our planet, so, the person presenting the best name will be the Mayor of our planet (your name here)…for a while.

We hope you will join us and make our planet a place we can all go to discover, learn, share, and understand as much as we can about tennis equipment, customization, stringing, and “best practices”.

Please use the “Leave Comment” tab below to submit your name for our new planet!

Our mission is to keep players playing!





What If?

What if you change string tension (reference) from 57 to 47?

Well, let’s see!

We have a big spreadsheet showing the cause and effect, but it is too confusing, so this will be a narrative post.

The client wanted to go down to 47 from 57 using the same string and, of course, in the same racquet. Here is what happens:

First, the previous data (57) was explored, and the RDC string bed stiffness was 59 when fresh.

The same racquet at 47 had an RDC string bed stiffness of 45 when fresh. That is a 23.7% decrease in string bed stiffness…fresh v fresh.

However, at the time of this stringing, due to tension loss, the 57 tension setting RDC string bed stiffness was 45, so let’s see how the 47 compares to the “used” string bed stiffness.

The RDC string bed stiffness (fresh) of the 47 is 45! So right now, both racquets have essentially the same string bed stiffness.

This will change, of course; however, if the point is to achieve a “softer” string bed right now, it would require a tension setting of less than 47!


Solinco Confidential (string)

As you know, Racquet Quest, LLC does not promote polyester string to most tennis players. We do, however, test any racquet string we can.  This really helps us understand what happens during play and helps make a better performance selection for the player!

All of the information shown in the table is interesting but the most important data is Power Potential.  

We have added three (3) Solinco strings to the Power Potential table, so take a look here

You can “search” by a brand to quickly find any string you are interested in.

Some Time Off!

We are taking a few days off!

We are spending some time with one of our daughters and grandson…finally!

We will be out of the World Headquarters Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!  February 5th the through the 9th, 2023

Thank you!