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Visitors to the World Headquarters

Racquet Quest, LLC World Headquarters was a very busy place recently! ¬†It is always busy doing racquet work but this “busyness” was to share some time with visitors from around the world!

Albert Murata, from Hawaii, ¬†and his wife Heather were in town to play the 55’s at the USTA Campus, happily, they took the time to come by and chat about stinging stuff. ¬†You can reach Albert here.

AM Stringing

Also here was Randy St Pierre from the UK.  Randy stops by about twice a year and we always have vibrant discussions.

Coming from Lyon, France was Eric Ferrazzi, Carine, and Camille!  This is our French Family and it is always wonderful to have them here with us!

Eric Ferrazzi, Lyon, France

Since all of us are in the tennis business we have a lot to talk about.



It seems our discussions normally start with strings!  Imagine that!  Why do we talk about string, because it breaks and we replace it.  Why does it break?  There are several reasons but for right now we are focused on the grommet set in the racquet.  Some grommets around the top of the racquet have very shallow grooves and the string can be exposed to court and fail.  Not after one altercation with the court but over time for sure!



Racquet Characteristics are always popular to discuss with stiffness being one of the top subjects.  You can see some racquet stiffnesses here.



Nothing is off limits so we always have a good time.









We welcome you to stop by, wherever you are from!

Celebrity Visitors!

The World Headquarters of Racquet Quest, LLC was happy to welcome Randy St. Pierre and Henry Hamels for a visit!

Randy is a member of the Dunlop Stringing Team and is from the UK and Henry is the principal of String MD in Florida! ¬†Randy has been stringing racquets for quite a while and is always a source of good information…and he bought lunch!

Randy & Henry

Randy lives in a beautiful part of England so we are all invited to his house when the weather is better…is that right Randy?

Randy remembers stringing for a young player named Emma at a tournament in Nottingham when young Emma was in the 300’s ¬†world wide! ¬†Look at her now! ¬†Was it Randy or something else? ¬†I wonder!

Anyway it was great fun having these guys here and they are welcome anytime as are all of you reading this!


String Bed Stiffness – A Short Video

It is raining today and it felt like a good time to talk about “string bed stiffness”…so let’s go!

This quick video will make a plea to you tennis players to demand more from your racquet technician so you are getting the most from your equipment.

Thank you for watching!

How Lucky Can You Get!

Having one celebrity in the shop is quite rare but two…that is amazing!

The World Headquarters was visited by Bill and Aleks (aka GBS)!   What is also amazing is that they came in separate cars so they did have a choice!  If you are in the area stop by.  You may see a celabrity!  Probably not but you will see the latest racquets!


Mr. Dailey Makes a Visit!

The Racquet Quest World Headquarters had the pleasure of having Curt Dailey, CEO of LaserFibre Strings, visit today!

Racquet Quest, LLC will be doing a little evaluation work on LaserFibre string made in the United States!  LaserFibre is the only string supplier committed to making all of their string products in the United States.  Right now this is not the case, but they are headed in that direction.

Curt has been in the tennis business for many years and is trying hard to bring updated string products to the market.

Welcome to Racquet Quest, Curt!