Head Prestige 2023

The Head Prestige 2023 series is here!

This is the current line-up:

ModelHead SizeString PatternUnstrung WeightUnstrung Swing WeightRDC Stiffness
Head Prestige Pro 20239818x2031828461
Head Prestige Tour 20239516x1931329566
Head Prestige MP L 20239916x1930328564

There is much to be said about these new Prestige 2023 models and the first thing that needs to be clear is that these are not “stiff” racquets.  Of course, a Prestige Mid 93 strung with poly at 55 pounds will be ultra stiff on impact!   I think that is not the fault of the racquet!

You can approximate the strung weight by adding 17-20 grams to the weight and adding about 30 units to the swing weight.

Racquet stiffness can be mitigated by adjusting the Effective stiffness for the player.

Below are some comparative stiffness
Racquet ModelHead SizeRDC Stiffness
Yonex V-Core 989866
Yonex Percept 10010068
Wilson Shift 99L9971
Wilson Pro Staff 97 v149768
Wilson Pro Staff 97L 9770
Wilson H229765
Head Boom Pro 9869
Head Extreme MP10070
Babolat Pure Drive10071
Babolat Pure Aero10067

The big surprise is right here! This is really exciting![/tds_in






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