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Brittany shines in Abu Dhabi

Brittany earned the Silver at the World Championships event in Abu Dhabi recently and congratulations are certainly in order! According to those who were there the athletes were treated to a Five Star event! The best of everything for these extraordinary athletes is well desereved.

Brittany travels to all events (bravely) with three (3) racquets strung with Ashaway MonoGut ZX Black at 46 lbs (20.9kg)!  I know some players that will not go to the local courts with fewer than six (6) fresh racquets!

Congratulations, Brittany!

Jack Anthrop Scores Big in Nassau!

Congratulations to Jack for his Finalist finish in the Junkanoo Bowl in Nassau!

Jack has been playing ITF events and was a qualifier for this tournament.  Not only did he qualify, Jack went on the finals where he put in a great three (3) set effort against Harrison Gold, 6-7,6-2,5-7!

Jack Anthrop & Harrison Gold
Junkanoo Bowl

Well done, Jack!  Congratulations

Ready for the Eddie!

The “Eddie Herr”  is the largest Junior international tennis tournament in the world, and Jack Anthrop is ready for the Eddie!

Ready for the Eddie!

Ready for the Eddie!

Jack is using a Head Graphene XT MPA (16×19 format) fitted with Ashaway Monogut ZX.  Jack has been using this string for several years and is having really good results as evidenced by his main draw selection into this tournament!

Good luck to Jack, and Maya, (don’t have a picture) and all the participants from all over the world, in this very important tournament!

The Eddie Herr International Tournament is held at the IMG facility in Bradenton, FL beginning November 26 and continuing through December 6th.  This tournament has been the “springboard” for players like Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, Maria Sharapova and many other professional players over the years.

Well Done, Roger!

I wanted to write an important, and profound, post about the Federer/Monfils match of last night…but no writing can communicate the impact of simply believing in yourself!

Roger said during the match “this may be it!” How many times have we had this phrase running through our minds as things begin to collapse around us.

I have no idea how the US Open will end but I know we can all learn from the on court stability and performance of Roger Federer.

Well Done, Roger!

A Winner!

Ted Smith, my good client from New York State sent me the following message of his 4.0 win in the Litchfield, CT tournament!

Win with help of John Gugel

“Hi John,

Hope you’re doing well.  Won a 4.0 event in Litchfield, CT this past weekend.  Beat the first and second seeds en route (they’re also #2 and #3 in the 4.0 division in New England).

Couldn’t have done it without your grommet customization work and Supplemax!



Thanks, Ted, and well done!  I am happy to work on your racquets!

Ted has several really nice racquets that I have worked on over the past few months but he used a “modified” Babolat Pure Drive Roland Garros for this win.

Ted has very specific requirements for his racquets, as many do, but his are serious!  Grommets must be “flared” and tie offs must be located in a very specific location so he can hold the racquet in a particular spot, and, of course, specific grips.

Working on racquets with very specific requirements is exciting and very rewarding, especially when the client wins!

Congratulations, Ted!

I have a lot of great clients and many “winners” so please send me any tournament information you want to share.

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