Grip Shape and Size Customization!

Racquet Quest, LLC is really happy to announce an addition to our Grip Shape and Customization capabilities!  After several years of design and experimentation we have 3D printed grip pallets!  Our grip pallets are printed locally so your racquet stays at the World Headquarters!

Custom Printed Grip Pallets

Due to the racquet manufacturing variations it is not feasible to print a “bunch” of size 3 pallets, for example, so we design and print a grip pallet for your racquet exclusively!

So, if you want your racquet to have a “rounder” grip shape, or a “flatter” grip shape it is possible!  In fact if a grip of an unusual shape is required, and the racquet shaft is compatible, that can be produced!

Extending a racquet is now more efficient due to the length of the printed components.

If a full blown extension is not part of the plan right now a “finishing plug” with the desired length is designed and printed to fit your exact shaft dimensions.

Please contact us if you have questions about the process, and what dynamic changes will occur, and what additional customization might be desired.

Due to the “customization” that may be required on the racquet the manufacturers warranty, if any, will, most likely, be “voided!”


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