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Easy Order is Back!

During this period of social distancing, it is hard to have a comprehensive discussion about your tennis racquet!

So, we have brought back our Easy Order form for your convenience!  Simply go to the form and give us as much information as possible.  Let us know when you can come by and we will reach out and grab your racquet!

In addition to the link in this post, there is a tab on the home page for Easy Order.  Of course, you can use Easy Order even after this virus situation is resolved!

It is as simple as that!

We want everyone to stay safe, please!


When Do You Need It?

The Racquet Technician’s Guide to Scheduling

As dedicated racquet technicians we take great care to assure customer satisfaction.  One area we often overlook is “understanding” customer requests… in terms of when they really want their racquet done.  

So, the following scheduling requests are intended to keep us on the same “wave length” as the customer…

If the customer asks this they means this:

I don’t need this racquet until next week, means,  “I will pick it up this Saturday”

I don’t need this racquet until later this week, means,  “I will pick it up tomorrow”

I don’t need this racquet for a while, means,  “I will call every day to see if it is done”

I need this racquet some time tomorrow, means, “I will be here when you open”

I really need this racquet early tomorrow, means, “I will wait while you do it now”

Of course there are variations of these requests:

“I must have this racquet tomorrow” means  “I probably won’t pick it up till sometime next week”

“My usual stringer is swamped and I need this racquet tomorrow” means, his usual stringer does not want to work with this person anymore.

Fortunately, for me, I always assume the customer wants the racquet as quickly as possible and schedule accordingly. On this web site is a “Easy Order” form that lets the customer give me a heads up!

Remember “Easy Order”

When you are considering racquet work at Racquet Quest it is easy to schedule by using the “Easy Order” function on this site.  When you submit the “Easy Order” we can begin the scheduling process and string preparation.

This assures you will get the racquet when you want it with the correct string and tension!  There is a simple “Same as Before” field so you don’t have to remember anything!

Click on this link, or on the “Easy Order” tab in the navigation bar, and you are on your way to efficiency…

Thank you for using “Easy Order!