Head PWR Racquet Series

As you can guess “PWR” means power! With a Capital”P”, in these cases! These series used to be called “game improvement” racquets but we all know any racquet can improve your game if you make the effort.  The demo’s are here if you want to find out!

So, what is power these days? Power is, roughly, a function of racquet stiffness and string length and these racquets have them both in equally good doses.

I will be reporting on both in a few days. And, the Graphene XT Prestige PWR is the “performance” racquet with a 110 square inch hitting area and reasonable beam.


The “Performance” Prestige PWR

DSC_0155 (1)

Prestige PWR Bumper



DSC_0156 (1)

In Your Face…PWR!





16×19 and 14×19 Patterns.  Same Racquet


Radical PWR 14x19

Radical PWR 14×19 Insert





























The most interesting feature of the Graphene XT Radical PWR is the ASP, Adaptive String Pattern, that allows the racquet to be strung in a 14×19 pattern or a 16×19 pattern! You know what that means!  One racquet two possibilities!  I will be reporting on both in a few days.

Since we are talking about power I will share the calculated power for these racquets:

Radical PWR 16×19          2157.7

Radical PWR 14×19          2164.6

Prestige PWR 16×19         2163.0

I will post the remaining characteristics for each of these racquets soon so check back, or come by and pick up the demo’s of  these and find out for yourself how powerful you are!

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