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A Rarity!

Just like an animal that is near extinction you hardly ever see one, but three at the same time is unheard of!

Of course, we are not talking about animals here but the rarity still applies to these racquets!

Head Twin Tube Radical

Most players have heard of this racquet but many probably have never seen one!  

Three (3) of them came into the World Headquarters today for some TLC.  

The bottom one is brand new with the protective sleeve still intact!  So intact that it was nearly impossible to get it off, except in little tiny pieces.

However, the top one was well used, including the overgrip!

All of these racquets are getting new grip pallets so it is not an issue!

I will add more pictures as the work progresses on these rare racquets!




House Cleaning!

Every once in a while Racquet Quest decides to do a little house cleaning and that means opening boxes that have not been open for a long time!

And surprise!  We find a lot of really interesting and exciting tennis racquets!  Most of these have been on the Racquet Museum site but now it is time for them to find a new place to hang out!

Most of these racquets are new! ¬†Many have been strung for evaluation purposes but have not been played with! ¬†All of the racquets will be fitted with a new grip. ¬†All the racquets will come with the string that is now in the racquet, unless new stringing is requested. ¬†All racquets are sold “as is”. ¬†Most of them are new, but the string may be several years old. ¬†There will not be any “junk” offered, just good racquets!

Racquet BrandModelHead SizeGrip SizeStringConditionPrice
Wilson nCode n11155NXT16New200.00
Weed125 Tour EXT1253Weed Synthetic GutNew50.00
Weed135 Open Tour1353ALU Power RoughNew50.00
Weed125 X-One 251253Weed Synthetic GutNew50.00
PrinceTour 100 18x201003NoneNew150.00
PrinceEXO Warrior 1001002Prince Premier AttackNew
PrinceEXO Red 1051053Prince Premier LTNew125.00
Prince EXO Blue1103Prince Premier LTNew125.00
PrinceEXO Rebel Team 98983Prince Premier/Beast HybridNew150.00
PrinceEXO Rebel 98983Prince Premier/Beast HybridNew200.00
PrinceEXO Rebel 95953Prince BeastNew200.00
HeadSpeed LTD Edition XT1004NoneNew100.00
HeadInstinct MP XT1002NoneNew100.00
HeadGraphene Instinct PWR1153PPS 17New 150.00
HeadGraphene Touch Radical PWR1103FXP 16New 150.00
DunlopAeroGel Smoke1005Silk 17New 100.00
DunlopM-Fil 3 Hundred985NoneNew150.00

Racquet Museum!

This is a quick update, which is way overdue by the way, of Racquet Museum.  The original site was born about three (3) years ago just in time to see the workload for Racquet Quest, LLC explode!

Anyone that does blogging knows the importance of good content, and we have been way behind with content updates.  By this very update activity, we are committing to doing a better job!

Thank you for your continued interest in Racquet Museum! ¬†Now “Onto the Show!”

Do you know about Racquet Museum?

Maybe not, but now would be a good time to acquaint yourself with the site by clicking here! ¬†When your “tour” of the museum is finished click on “Racquet Quest” to get back here.

I started working on about a year ago and am now nearing a time that I can add more racquets!

Racquet Museum is not just for relics. Racquet Museum¬†is for any racquet that has proven itself to be worthy of “museum” status. ¬†Right now I am the one that bestows this status on racquets but you are invited to add to the racquets that will be displayed in the museum.

Every racquet in Racquet Museum is one that I have in my possession. ¬†By having the racquet in-hand allows me to collect all the necessary data and add it to the museum description. ¬†It is not good enough to have a picture of a Bergelin Long String if you don’t know how much it weighs, and other data, for example.

Enjoy your visit to the “Racquet Museum” and feel free to recommend or submit racquets!