Questron Update!

Questron has been operational at the World Headquarters of Racquet Quest for a few weeks and it is time to acknowledge the benefit of having Questron and the ones that made it possible!

Dr, Rich Zarda and Shenghong Zhang are responsible for actually getting it done!  Dr. Zarda was instrumental in determining what need to be tested and Shane actually did the assembly and programming of the UI!  An extraordinary effort by both!

Our good friend JC Carpentier at Tennis machines in St. Louis pitched in with the perfect string connection points which make Questron function in a way that does not stress the string at the connection points.  We want the string to fail (break) in the middle.  Thank you, JC!

So, all I have to do is insert the test string and watch!  The image below is a graph recorded for each string that is tested, and two (2) strings can be overlayed to see the difference between them.

This graph was just pulled at random so you can see the output.

This information is incredibly helpful and will become even more helpful as the database grows.

My sincere thank you to everyone that got this done!



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