Head Graphene XT Speed Limited Edition

Head has introduced a Limited Edition of the very popular Speed series and it is awesome looking!

New Head Graphene Speed XT Limited Edition's Ready!

New Head Graphene Speed XT Limited Edition’s Ready!

In addition to the great look, this racquet incorporates a slighlty different string patternDSC_0217 and may be of interest to those seeking a little more spin potential.

The overall weight and swing weight make this a perfect candidate for customization for those players wanting a more powerful, control oriented racquet.

The black grip is a tip-off that this is a performance racquet, and, black looks good on this graphic!

More of these stunning racquets should be arriving in the next day or two so come in and take a look at the racquet and “special” back pack “bag” supplied with the racquet.

A new Limited Edition MegaCombi 12 racquet bag is worth looking at if you want the ultimate technical  “carrying case” for your twelve Speed Limited Edition racquets!

The string in these racquets is Ashaway Monogut ZX Black.

Speed Special Edition

Where the Graphene XT is located.

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  1. RacquetQuest

    Picard, thanks for the comment! The string pattern is 16 x 19. I was referring to the slightly different string spacing.

  2. Slightly different string pattern? What do you mean? 16×19?

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