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Is Your Racquet Healthy?

I started thinking about this as I made my way to a routine doctor’s appointment last week. Here is the scenario I formed while waiting:

The doctor has been seeing all sorts of patients already today and I suspect the first glance at each one elicited some sort of reaction, quielty probably, like this; “Good Greif, that guy is fat! Bad trousers, terrible shoes, nice shirt, whats with the hair, dude?” etc, etc.

So what do you think happens when a racquet shows up for a checkup?

“Good grief, that is an old racquet, who would ever buy one of those, this person is too good for that racquet,” etc, etc.

As humans we can communicate how we feel to the doctor but your racquet can not, so it has other ways to tell you if it is healthy or not. Here are a few signs of an unhealthy racquet:

  1. Grommet set, and specifically the protective head bumper is worn out. If this is not fixed quicky the racquet will die!

    Worn Out Bumper Guard

  2.  Grommet set individual barrels are broken or missing. If this is not fixed the strings will die!
  3.  Overgrip is disgustingly dirty requiring exam gloves to remove it! Doctors use exam gloves too and you know what that means!
  4. Under grip is essentially rendered to powder, requiring exam gloves to remove it.
That is a real image!  It is obvious that a new overgrip is needed.


What is not so obvious sometimes is that strings need to be replaced.  Even before they break!  What!

Yes, strings loose tension over time and in some case rather quickly!  By knowing what the original string bed stiffness was we can determine how much “stiffness” has been lost.  For most players a degradation of 20% is maximum.

Depending on the string material a loss of 8 to 9% overnight is not uncommon…so that leaves 11 to 12% for playing.

Take a look at our String Frequency Calculator to get a better idea of stringing frequency required to keep your racquet really working for you.

To keep you playing at your best you need to keep your racquet at it’s best!




Head Graphene 360 + Gravity MP Lite

The Gravity MP Lite as you would expect is lighter than the MP by about a ½ ounce with a corresponding reduction in swing weight.  This can be easily remedied by increasing the swing weight while not effecting the ovefrall weight very much.

The MP LIte is a great example of a “customizable” racquet and deserves great consideration by any player seeking a performance racquet that will stay with them for a long time.

Model Comparison

The head size of 100 square inches is consistent with the Pro and MP models.

Head Graphene 360 + Gravity MP Lite


These are not the same racquet but the entire series uses the  two color graphics package with Lava on one side and Miami Green (my words) on the other.  Sort of a fun point!

Take a look at the specifications that follow.

Racquet ModelHead Graphene 360 + Gravity MP Lite
Reference Tension55 lbs - 24.9 kg
Head Velocity MLT Black
Machine UsedTrue Tension Professional
ASPS, FlexFour60.0
Racquet Flex, RDC59 - After stringing
Racquet Flex, FlexFour45
Racquet - In Plane Stiffness331.5 lbs/Inch
Weight, Grams292.0
Weight, Ounces10.3

Balance, mm333
Balance, Inch13.11
Length, Cm68.6
Length, Inch27.008
Head Width9.94
Head Length12.85
Head Area, cm2647.1
Head Area, Sq. Inch100.3
Number of Main Strings16
Number of Cross Strings20
Ratio Cross/Mains.619
Main String Grid7.70
Cross String Grid10.30
Density (% of head filled with string).791
Average Cross String Space.515
Average Main String Space.481
Dynamic Tension, Kp, ERT35
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/in195.7
First Moment, Nm.753
Polar Moment308
Torsional Stability14
Swing Weight, Kg/cm2294
Swing Weight, Ounces10.37
Swing Weight Calculated323.8
Power, RDC41
Control, RDC62
Manueverability, RDC91
Power, Calculated 1757.3
Head Points3.15
Head Weight, %48.5%
Center of Percussion20.9
Dwell Time, ms8.74
Efective Stiffness - lbs27.9
K, Lb/In169.8
Recoil Weight137.6
Twist Weight215.2
End Weight 114.4
Tip Weight 181.1
9 O'Clock88.8
3 O'Clock90.9
Butt Cap113.8

Play Like a Girl!

Yes, I mean it!

Keep reading to see why I suggest you “play like a girl.”

About a year ago, a little girl, Meera, about 12 years old, came into the World Headquarters to demo a few racquets.  She was committed to getting better and wanted a racquet that would help her.

After a few demos, she selected the Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro.  During the discussion of how we were going to set up these new racquets, I mentioned the Head Pro Cap System that is compatible with this model.

If you are not familiar with the “cap” system, it is the plastic parts that fit over the head of the racquet to protect the string.  All racquets have a grommet set, but the “cap” system encloses the string as it is installed therefore is more substantial than the standard grommet set.  The racquet on the left has the “cap” system.

Head Pro Cap System

She purchased two (2) Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro, one with and one without the cap system.

So, other than doing a great job of protecting string it also provides additional inertia, or momentum, that blasts the racquet through the incoming tennis ball!

This momentum creates stability, and a stable racquet will be more powerful and controllable!

But wait, what about all that additional weight?  That is the question we hear anytime we suggest adding weight to a racquet.

Weight is your friend!  Every player is different so matching the racquet to the physical capabilities is critical!

It was so much of a friend to Meera that she quickly came in to have the second Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro fitted with the “cap” system and both racquets fitted with a Head Leather grip!  The leather grip adds about 10 grams to the rear end of the racquet.

So, what are the specifications of this racquet that is being used successfully by a 12-year-old girl?

Take a look at these then tell me you can’t use a “heavier” racquet:

Weight:                               360 grams   (12.7 ounces)

SwingWeight:                    344 Kg/cm² (12.1 ounces)

Points Head Light:            8.03…yes, still very much headlight!

Torsional Stability:            22…very good!

Power:                                2216.6

Recoil Weight:                   176.9

Twist Weight:                    246.9

*Ereca End Weight:          153.0

*Ereca Tip Weight:           207.0

*Ereca is a French company that designs and manufactures racquet diagnostic equipment.

Do yourself a favor and Play Lkie a Girl!

There is more to this story so keep checking back, and, if you have questions please click on “Ask John” above or respond to this post and I will try to answer them.

Head Graphene 360 Radical PWR

Head Graphene 360 Radical Series

As you would expect “PWR” means power! With a calculated power factor of 2294.7 that is true! You can see by the picture above that the PWR has a slightly larger head size (109.9 square inch) and a reasonable beam of 26/25/23 which contributes to a racquet stiffness of 65.

Head Graphene 360 Radical PWR

Head PWR 14 x 19 String Pattern

Unique to the PWR series of Head racquets this racquet can be either a 16 x 19 or 14 x 19 string pattern by replacing the top grommets with the included grommet set.

This format creates a “fan pattern” that makes the upper portion of the string bed very “open”.









This is a picture of last yesrs model. Whichever pattern you choose you will be presented with plenty of power…PWR!





Racquet ModelGraphene 360 Radical PWR
Reference Tension60 lbs - 30.6 kg
Head Velocity MLT 17 Pink
Machine UsedTrue Tension Professional
ASPS, FlexFour59
Racquet Flex, RDC65 - After stringing
Racquet Flex, FlexFour42
Racquet - In Plane Stiffness310.9 lbs/Inch
Weight, Grams284
Weight, Ounces10.02
Balance, mm350
Balance, Inch13.78
Length, Cm69.5
Length, Inch27.362
Head Width9.99
Head Length14.00
Head Area, cm2708.8
Head Area, Sq. Inch109.9
Number of Main Strings16
Number of Cross Strings19
Ratio Cross/Mains.601
Main String Grid8.20
Cross String Grid10.90
Density (% of head filled with string).814
Average Cross String Space.574
Average Main String Space.513
Dynamic Tension, Kp, ERT34
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/in190.16
First Moment, Nm.780
Polar Moment328
Torsional Stability16
Swing Weight, Kg/cm2312
Swing Weight, Ounces11.01
Swing Weight Calculated347.9
Power, RDC51
Control, RDC51
Manueverability, RDC79
Power, Calculated 2294.7
Head Points-0.79 (negative is head heavy)

Head Weight, %50.4%
Center of Percussion21.2
Dwell Time, ms8.82 Ms - No Swing
Efective Stiffness - lbs28.9
K, Lb/In166.67
Recoil Weight136.76
Twist Weight211.39
End Weight 96.7
Tip Weight 187.8
9 O'Clock93.6
3 O'Clock98.1
Butt Cap92.5

Head Graphene 360 Radical S

Head Graphene 360 Radical Series

As you can see by the picture above the Graphene 360 Radical S looks a lot like the others in this series, however, the “S” stands for “special”. Why? Because the “S” combines the most popular specifications from full blown players racquets and brings them to the masses! In fact, according to Head, this is the best selling Radical!

Head Graphene 360 Radical S

The 102 square inch head and stiffness of 59 are fitted into a thinner beam (22/25/23) to create a very user friendly combination.

Take a look at the specs below.







Racquet ModelGraphene 360 Radical S
Reference Tension58 lbs - 26.3 kg
Head Velocity MLT 17 Yellow
Machine UsedTrue Tension Professional
ASPS, FlexFour61
Racquet Flex, RDC59 - After stringing
Racquet Flex, FlexFour40
Racquet - In Plane Stiffness361.4 lbs/Inch
Weight, Grams302
Weight, Ounces10.65
Balance, mm329
Balance, Inch12.95
Length, Cm68.5
Length, Inch26.968
Head Width9.79
Head Length13.28
Head Area, cm2658.6
Head Area, Sq. Inch102.1
Number of Main Strings16
Number of Cross Strings19
Ratio Cross/Mains.621
Main String Grid7.50
Cross String Grid10.00
Density (% of head filled with string).735
Average Cross String Space.526
Average Main String Space.469
Dynamic Tension, Kp, ERT35
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/in195.76
First Moment, Nm.767
Polar Moment319
Torsional Stability15
Swing Weight, Kg/cm2304
Swing Weight, Ounces10.72
Swing Weight Calculated326.9
Power, RDC41
Control, RDC61
Manueverability, RDC84
Power, Calculated 1831.1
Head Points4.09
Head Weight, %48.1%
Center of Percussion21.2
Dwell Time, ms8.58 Ms - No Swing
Efective Stiffness - lbs28.5
K, Lb/In176.28
Recoil Weight147.83
Twist Weight216.37
End Weight 119.9
Tip Weight 182.2
9 O'Clock94.0
3 O'Clock91.8
Butt Cap115.8
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