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Well, I did It!

Did what?

Hit with the new Head Graphene Touch Speed racquets…all three (3) of them!  So, what did you think?

I think the marketing tagline, “Less shock…More Wow!” is true.  I think the “feel” of each of the models is now rivaling one of the all-time great “feeling” racquets!  (contact me if you want to know what racquet that is)

In addition to Graphene XT Head has added Kraibon material that effectively stops high-frequency vibration before it gets to your hand!  While these high-frequency vibrations don’t do any harm, they do contribute to the “hollow” feeling that some players object to.  This new composite is called Graphene Touch, and it is solid!

Graphene Touch Speed MP

Graphene Touch Speed MP

All of these models are 100 sq. in (645 sq. cm ).  The Pro and MP are both 22mm beam with the “S” having a reasonable 25mm beam.  The Pro, as you would expect, has an 18×20 string pattern, the MP has a 16×19 pattern as does the “S” model.

The “Pro” weighs in at 328g (11.57 oz), the “MP” at 315g (11.11 oz), and the “S” is a comfortable 298g (10.51 oz).  Both the “Pro” and “MP” have a stiffness index of 48, and the “S” is an easy 41 as tested on the FlexFour device.  The RDC stiffness numbers are “Pro” 64, “MP” 61, and the “S” 64.

I did not measure the grip pallets, but the “S” does feel slightly more “round” than the other two.  This shape, if confirmed, may appeal to more players than the “flatter” Head grip style.

Hitting with the “Pro” confirms that it is the “performance” model. However, it feels easy to use on all strokes especially the serve!  The “MP” is easier to use, overall, with a slightly more “supple” string bed that evens out my mis-hits.  The “S” is probably the most user-friendly of all the models but with enough “stick” to satisfy any player style.

Graphene Touch Speed Family

Graphene Touch Speed Family

The white and black graphic is more pleasing to me than the previous Speed graphics.  A little red adds a contemporary note.  Does anyone know what the splash of red on the shaft represents?  If you do and are the first to let me know, there is a special offer for you.

These models will be shipping the last week of September.

Head Graphene XT Speed Limited Edition

Head has introduced a Limited Edition of the very popular Speed series and it is awesome looking!

New Head Graphene Speed XT Limited Edition's Ready!

New Head Graphene Speed XT Limited Edition’s Ready!

In addition to the great look, this racquet incorporates a slighlty different string patternDSC_0217 and may be of interest to those seeking a little more spin potential.

The overall weight and swing weight make this a perfect candidate for customization for those players wanting a more powerful, control oriented racquet.

The black grip is a tip-off that this is a performance racquet, and, black looks good on this graphic!

More of these stunning racquets should be arriving in the next day or two so come in and take a look at the racquet and “special” back pack “bag” supplied with the racquet.

A new Limited Edition MegaCombi 12 racquet bag is worth looking at if you want the ultimate technical  “carrying case” for your twelve Speed Limited Edition racquets!

The string in these racquets is Ashaway Monogut ZX Black.

Speed Special Edition

Where the Graphene XT is located.

For Sale!

We have, from time to time, a few new racquets of the last years model (cosmetic) that need to be in the hands of players, not hanging on the wall!

Head Graphene Radical Pro LTD Edition w/Cap System

Head Graphene Radical Pro LTD Edition w/Cap System $145.00 plus stringing. Very Special! Grip 4





Head Graphene Prestige S

Head Graphene Prestige S.  $145.00 plus stringing. Grip 4






Head Graphene XT Speed Pro

The brand new Head Graphene XT Speed Pro is here!  Before we get into the specifications you need to see the graphics on this new model.  There is a subtle increase in the “hipness” of the look.  It is hard to pinpoint any one thing but this racquet really looks good!

This new model uses the latest Graphene material which increases the “polarization” of weight by removing weight from the throat area.  This is a noticeable technology.

The string pattern of 18 x 20 is a perfected pattern that will increase string life significantly compared to the popular “open” patterns being promoted by every manufacturer, including Head and their different approach with the ASP series.

Head Graphene XT Speed Pro

Head Graphene XT Speed Pro

Head Graphene XT Speed Pro 18x20

Head Graphene XT Speed Pro 18×20

The best way to understand the Graphene technology is to hit with the racquet.   So, stop by and pick up the demo, which, by the way, has a new string technology installed!  You can try two (2) new things at one time!

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