Head Graphene XT Speed Pro

The brand new Head Graphene XT Speed Pro is here!  Before we get into the specifications you need to see the graphics on this new model.  There is a subtle increase in the “hipness” of the look.  It is hard to pinpoint any one thing but this racquet really looks good!

This new model uses the latest Graphene material which increases the “polarization” of weight by removing weight from the throat area.  This is a noticeable technology.

The string pattern of 18 x 20 is a perfected pattern that will increase string life significantly compared to the popular “open” patterns being promoted by every manufacturer, including Head and their different approach with the ASP series.

Head Graphene XT Speed Pro

Head Graphene XT Speed Pro

Head Graphene XT Speed Pro 18x20

Head Graphene XT Speed Pro 18×20

The best way to understand the Graphene technology is to hit with the racquet.   So, stop by and pick up the demo, which, by the way, has a new string technology installed!  You can try two (2) new things at one time!

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