Offset Tube

Offset Tube Pack

Offset Tube Pack

As a stringer you may, on occasion, clamp the string on the outside of the racquet frame.

This clamping can cause stress on the string right where it needs to bend or near the tie off area.  This is not good!

The Offset Tube protects not only the racquet but, more importantly, the string, by clamping about 2 inches away from the bending or tie off, area of the string.  The design and specific material properties of the protection pad assure proper protection without “tension losing” softness.

Offset Tube

Offset Tube

It is “quick and easy” to use the device and is a must for the serious racquet technician, and, if you are a player be sure your “stringer” has an Offset Tube to protect your string and racquet.

The cost of shipping has increased significantly so the Offset Tube will come in a two (2) pack!

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Each Offset Tube Two-Pack is now $16.99 including shipping in the US.  Thank you for using Gugel Tools!

Your payment will be processed via our PayPal account but you do not have to have a PayPal account in order to pay.  You can use any credit card.

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  1. Hi John, is it possible to ship to Germany too? If so how much would the transport cost?

  2. Ruben A Gomez

    Hello here Ruben how much is the shipping cost to the UK?? let me know by e-mail

  3. Leandro Coelho

    Do you ship to Brazil?
    How much is the shipping cost to Brazil, zip 06730-000

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