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Recommended Stringing Frequency (RSF)

We have moved the very popular Recommended Stringing Frequency (RSF) spreadsheet to the main body of our web page to make it easy for you to determine when to re-string your tennis racquet.  This recommendation is based on the very best overall performance of your racquet.  

You can use this valuable tool to evaluate a tennis racquet purchase.  If you are considering a new racquet insert those values and compare it to what you are currently using to see if your stringing frequency will be similar.

This is an interactive spreadsheet so all you need to do is put your racquet values into the fields below “Your Input” heading. The rest is calculated for you.  Don’t worry if you do not have a UTR number.  By putting a “0” in that field a value will be added for you.

In “Player Style” you can enter, “tour, club, beg, rec” and a value will be inserted for you. If you are a junior tournament player please use “tour” in this field.

It is not necessary to put a value in both the “UTR” and “Player Style” fields, just one will do.

Use “return” to move on to the next field.

The “Value/Playability Ratio”  incorporates a factor to quantify the value, or enjoyment, of each type of string.

In the “Stringing Date” box near the bottom you can enter the date your racquet was strung and your “Next Stringing” date will be calculated for you.

We hope you enjoy this update!  Go ahead, start now!

Pictures are Easy!

It is easy for me to post pictures of racquets being made ready for shipment to tournament players. However, there is a lot more work before these can be tagged, bagged and packed!

Paperwork is what I am talking about!  I have included some of the paperwork in this image, so you get some idea of what is involved.  Not many people like paperwork but for this work it is essential!

Every racquet we do has the same “paperwork”, but local customers normally don’t need racquets customized and shipped overnight!  Out of town customers, your racquets are typically prepared as close to the “use by” date as possible.  So these racquets were strung and tweaked this morning and shipped (via overnight) this afternoon.  Most of the customization can be accomplished before stringing but final adjustments, if required,  are the last thing on the list.


The “paper work” on the right is data from the ERECA Balance System, and this information is taken at each step in the customization, and at a “play ready” status.  While I still rely on swing weight as the primary dynamic property I use the ERECA system for very precise static balance, total weight, and a quickly calculated swing weight.

The other “paper” is my standard Racquet Record software data that contains over forty (40) pieces of data that are a permanent record in the customer file.

It sounds like a lot of paperwork, but it is necessary to assure consistency and organization.  Every racquet gets the same treatment.

So, the next time you see pictures remember there is a lot more to it than stringing, bagging, and shipping.


Tennis Emergencies!

Thanksgiving and other wonderful holidays are just about here and you know what that means!

Tennis Emergencies!

Well, in the absence of tennis emergencies, there are many opportunities to get together with family and friends for some good social interaction and maybe some tennis. But what if you do have a tennis emergency?

First determine what an emergency is to you. Now, try to understand why this is an emergency for your tennis emergency “fixer”. You will need to know this when you ask for special emergency action!

Our business, Racquet Quest, LLC, is in the “tennis emergency” business so we are not surprised by anything and are typically able to accommodate your request.

One way to minimize tennis emergencies is to take preventive action…

Are your strings in bad shape? Consider a fresh string job now.

How about your grip and overgrip? Change both the grip and overgrip now.

What about your racquets? Are they in good shape and will last throughout the holidays?

Bring them in now for a quick check-up so you will not be left out of the tennis fun.

Fresh string and grip is the quickest way to re-energized your racquet and your game. When you do these things before they become emergencies everyone is happy.

However, if you do have a tennis emergency please give us a call.

Happy Thanksgiving!

When Do You Need It?

The Racquet Technician’s Guide to Scheduling

As dedicated racquet technicians we take great care to assure customer satisfaction.  One area we often overlook is “understanding” customer requests… in terms of when they really want their racquet done.  

So, the following scheduling requests are intended to keep us on the same “wave length” as the customer…

If the customer asks this they means this:

I don’t need this racquet until next week, means,  “I will pick it up this Saturday”

I don’t need this racquet until later this week, means,  “I will pick it up tomorrow”

I don’t need this racquet for a while, means,  “I will call every day to see if it is done”

I need this racquet some time tomorrow, means, “I will be here when you open”

I really need this racquet early tomorrow, means, “I will wait while you do it now”

Of course there are variations of these requests:

“I must have this racquet tomorrow” means  “I probably won’t pick it up till sometime next week”

“My usual stringer is swamped and I need this racquet tomorrow” means, his usual stringer does not want to work with this person anymore.

Fortunately, for me, I always assume the customer wants the racquet as quickly as possible and schedule accordingly. On this web site is a “Easy Order” form that lets the customer give me a heads up!

Remember “Easy Order”

When you are considering racquet work at Racquet Quest it is easy to schedule by using the “Easy Order” function on this site.  When you submit the “Easy Order” we can begin the scheduling process and string preparation.

This assures you will get the racquet when you want it with the correct string and tension!  There is a simple “Same as Before” field so you don’t have to remember anything!

Click on this link, or on the “Easy Order” tab in the navigation bar, and you are on your way to efficiency…

Thank you for using “Easy Order!