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Big Bag Blowout…Again!

This seems to be a semi-annual event but that’s OK!

This event is a little different though!

Every bag regardless of size is only $60.00!  This is extraordinary but we need the room.

Most bags are Head or Wilson, some are 6 racquet bags some are 12 racquet bags.  It makes no difference!

Walk in with three (3) 20’s and walk out with a bag worth twice that much!

Hurry because this event is for in-stock bags only and the supply while taking up a lot of room, is limited!

This picture is not representative of all the bags.  Call for a quick update on available bags!

Trip to Wilson!


Recently I had the terrific opportunity to visit the Wilson Sporting Goods Innovation Center in Chicago!  This is a tennis racquet “lovers” dream!

In the very open design area there are several engineers working on new designs, modifications, ideas, and stringing.  There are three (3) Wilson Baiardo stringing machines at the far end looking over the engineering work stations.

Having designed and manufactured tennis racquets a few years ago I was particularly impressed with Wilson’s ability to take an idea to “prototype” in less than two (2) days! In fact Wilson can “print” a racquet so the participants can see and feel a real racquet and judge the shape and general appearance before going on to a full prototype!

The CAD software used by Wilson is incredibly fast and comprehensive so it is easy to “see” every angle and surface of the proposed design.  So, if you don’t like that “bulge” just remove it!  Dave does this!  Engineers Bill, Ron, Scott and Bobby feed ideas to Dave and he turns these ideas into wonderful images!  Ron is able to stand near Dave and virtually “design” a tennis racquet!  Taking his ideas throughout Dave to the final design is impressive.

If a playable prototype is necessary one can be produced right here!  The fibers are combined and cut on “electronic” tables, wrapped, put into a mold and sent through the molding process!

Also at this facility is the “Pro Room”, which, as the name would imply, is the room dedicated to the professional players that are playing with Wilson racquets.  In this room hangs hundreds of racquets in various states.  Some are complete, some are waiting for some “work”.  This is quite an impressive room!

As one walks through the 32,000 square foot facility you come across a full size tennis court which is not unusual but the electronics hanging out here may not be found anywhere else.  Commercials can be made here as well as racquet testing.

If you ever have a change to visit this facility take the opportunity.  I could go back many ties and still not get enough!

Thank you Wilson for the visit!

Free Tennis World Magazine Subscription!

Thank you for your continued support of Racquet Quest! I appreciate your contributions to this effort and want to offer something special for all that visit here!

“Tennis World” magazine!

Not only am I a big fan of everything “tennis” I also appreciate new and exciting formats for communications, so I am pleased to offer a free subscription the the new “Tennis World” on-line magazine! This subscription is normally $35.00 per year but it can be yours free!

Simply click here or on the banner and take advantage of this offer. The “free” code will already be inserted so you don’t need to remember anything.

I like the format of this magazine and hope you do too. Thank you and enjoy reading more about tennis!

As always I welcome your comments.

Great New Look!

Alicia Hagan has given this website a beautiful, and much needed, update!  I think it is great and I hope you agree!   As always if you have any suggestions please send them to me.  It is important that this site suits the needs of those that choose to visit.

Please take a look at the new “Court Location” function.  This is the most comprehensive listing I have ever seen and is a great resource for local players and those planning a trip to Central Florida.  A listing of “Private” courts is being compiled and will be added as soon as possible.  In some cases a “Private” facility is happy to have visitors, for a fee of course, so contact one of the many fabulous tennis clubs around Central Florida.

If you need racquet service while you are in the area just contact me.  You can send your racquet in advance of your arrival so the work is finished and waiting for you when you are ready to play.

For all the local visitors to this site I hope you enjoy it and will let me know what can make it more useful.