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Solinco Confidential (string)

As you know, Racquet Quest, LLC does not promote polyester string to most tennis players. We do, however, test any racquet string we can.  This really helps us understand what happens during play and helps make a better performance selection for the player!

All of the information shown in the table is interesting but the most important data is Power Potential.  

We have added three (3) Solinco strings to the Power Potential table, so take a look here

You can “search” by a brand to quickly find any string you are interested in.

Solinco Black Out 300XTD

Solinco is not new to the tennis racquet business but the new offerings have some excellent features that I don’t remember on the previous ones we saw.

The two (2) racquets being reviewed are the Black Out 300XTD and White Out 305 XTD

Solinco Black Out

Cleverly, one is all black and one is all white!   I mention this because the graphics are minimal which I think is a very good design platform.

We will start the review with the Black Out.  As you might have guessed the 300XTD is a 300-gram, 27.5-inch-long racquet having a 100-square-inch hitting area.

This racquet comes with three (3) butt caps for adding much-needed weight!  Pop out the 0-gram standard and pop in a 5 or 10-gram replacement!  When you pop out the butt cap you will see this is a non-filled (hollow) racquet, and, there is nothing wrong with that.  You will also see that the grip pallet is a molded foam pallet, allowing for minor size and shape changes.

That is enough narrative.  Take a look at the specifications below:

Racquet ModelSolinco Black Out 300XTD
Reference Tension42
Volkl V-Star 18
Machine UsedTrue Tension Professional
String Bed Stiffness - RDC42.0 Units
String Bed Stiffness -FlexFour39.0 pounds
String Bed Stiffness - SBS41.3 pounds
String Bed Stiffness - ERT28 Kg/Cm
Racquet Flex, RDC70 - After stringing
Racquet Flex, FlexFour49.0
Racquet - In Plane Stiffness377.4 lbs/Inch
Weight, Grams330
Weight, Ounces11.64
Balance, mm323
Balance, Inch12.72
Length, Cm69.9
Length, Inch27.52
Head Width9.81
Head Length12.98
Head Area, cm2645.3
Head Area, Sq. Inch100.0
Beam Height @ Grip, mm23.3
Beam Height @ Mid, mm24.5
Beam Height @ Tip23.7
Beam Width @ Grip, mm16.0
Beam Width @ Throat, mm15.7
Beam Width @ Mid, mm11.0
Beam Width @ Tip, mm12.8
Number of Main Strings16
Number of Cross Strings19
Ratio Cross/Mains.637
Main String Grid7.70
Cross String Grid10.68
Density (% of head filled with string).822
Average Cross String Space.562
Average Main String Space.481
Dynamic Tension, Kp, ERT30
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/in167.79
First Moment, Nm.819
Polar Moment332
Torsional Stability15
Swing Weight, Kg/cm2317
Swing Weight, Ounces11.18
Swing Weight Calculated344.3
Power, RDC60
Control, RDC36
Manueverability, RDC75
Power, Calculated 2330.5
Head Points8.35
Head Weight, %46.2%
Center of Percussion20.9
Dwell Time, ms10.19
Efective Stiffness - lbs25.0
K, Lb/In125.00
Recoil Weight155.24
Twist Weight237.60
End Weight 136.4
Tip Weight 192.7
9 O'Clock100.4
3 O'Clock101.3
Butt Cap127.5
COF, Main.370
COF, Cross.332