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Head Radicals for 2016 Here!

The new 2016 Head Radical models have arrived so be ready for an exciting experience!  The 2016 models use a new generation of Graphene XT which allows for enhanced weight distribution leading to enhanced performance!

Demo racquets are available so you may want to call to reserve one.  I think these are going to be very hot!

If you have been following Head lately, you know that these are exciting racquets both in performance and personality!


Head 2016 Radical Pro

Last years offering of the “Radical Limited Edition” sort of set the standard in racquet graphics, in my opinion, and these new models carry-on that  ultra cool look but not quite as “hip”, if you know what I mean.

The Radical series is made up of the:

Radical Pro @ 11.64 ounces, 98 square inch head size

Radical MP-A @ 11.04 ounces, 98 square inch head size

Radical S @ 10.51 ounces, 102 square inch head size

Radical Lite @ 9.74 ounces, 102 square inch head size

The Radical Pro accepts the wonderful “cap system” and the MP-A incorporates the Adaptive String Pattern technology that makes it possible, at a stringing, to turn the 16 x 19 pattern into a 16 x 16 pattern.  This has obvious advantages such as needing not to purchase a “open” pattern racquet to determine if you are going to get that extra 1000 RPM’s on your top spin!

Call, or email, for additional specifications such as swing weight and racquet flex.

The 2016radicalbag_12 Head Radical Bag Line, both Radical 9R SuperCombi  and Radical 12R MonsterCombi, are really fantastic and match up well to the racquet graphics!

For Sale…Very Special!

I have two (2) Head YT Prestige MP 25th Anniversary Edition racquets for sale.  These are my personal racquets and both are 41/2 grip size.

These racquets are, of course, new, complete with header card, tags, and grip protection.

I continue to use this racquet but I no longer need so many.  If you want a truly unique racquet, or two, this is the one.

$150.00 each plus shipping.

Head Prestige MP 25th Anniversary Edition

Head Prestige MP 25th Anniversary Edition


Head Prestige MP 25th Anniversary Edition Grip 4

Head Prestige MP 25th Anniversary Edition Grip 4

Head YouTek Graphene Speed Tour Series Comparison

I have finished the four (4) racquets in the “G” Speed Tour series.  They are the Pro, the MP, the Rev, and the “S”.  Each racquet in this series looks the same, has the same head size, the same beam height so what is the difference?

As with every review I do I generated over forty (40) data points for these racquets.  These data are meaningful but may be difficult to grasp.  So, I have prepared a simple graph to present a quick overview of the variables.  With this view it is easy to which is the stiffest or the lightest or the most powerful, etc., based on numbers.  Guess which racquet has the 18 x 20 string pattern!  SBS, is, by the way “String Bed Stiffness”, which is a very important number.

Take a look and let me know what you think, and, if you want to see more racquet reviews, machine reviews, and other important stuff become a member of the International Alliance of Racquet Technicians at

Click on the graph to enlarge it.


Head Graphene Series Racquets

I have started evaluating the new Head Graphene series and am really excited about the characteristics of the ones I have done so far. You can actually feel the “concept”!speedgraphene

The concept is to reduce weight throughout the mid section of the racquet and concentrate it in the head and rear end. Until Graphene the materials were not strong enough to minimize the weight. With Graphene in the composite it is now possibile.

The result is a racquet that has the same swing weight as previous models but at a lower total weight.