String Thing™ – Want Straight Strings?

Do you like the strings in your racquet to be straight? Well, most players do. Until now it has been a “digital” operation, that is you used your fingers to bring the strings back in line!

Now there is the String Thing™ to help you out. The String Thing™ appears to be a durable device that holds two (2) rows of “teeth” that straddle the string and when moved up and down the string will embed in the string openings and align them. It is not quite perfect alignment but it is much better than using the digital method, in my opinion.

I tried my best to see if I could damage the string either by sharp edges or operator error and was not successful! The alignment teeth are mounted in such a way that allows them not only to rotate but to move from side to side. This should eliminate any hard contact with the string along the sides.

For most players this device will perform as expected and for only $19.95 plus shipping represents a good value, I think. I purchased mine and paid $4.95 for shipping.

I suggest you get one and let me, and others, know what you think!

Since I posted this a lot of you want to order so here is the information I used:


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  1. I would like to order a stringthing please how do i go about it

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