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New! Head Adaptive Tuning Models!

I have been working on these new models for a few days and will post more data as it is available but right now here a few points about this fascinating racquet concept.


The two (2) models are Speed Adaptive and Instinct Adaptive.  The racquets are both new versions of the current models with slightly newer graphics, that are, in my opinion very cool!  The Instinct has new graphics which will appeal to more players.

First, the Adaptive Tuning can create thirty-two (32) possible combinations, including increasing the overall length of the racquet.

The racquets are shipped in the lightest (285 gram), 16×19, 27.0-inch length format, and swing weight 287.

The Adaptive Tuning Kit is required and costs $29.00.   In the “kit” you will find a “heavy” butt cap insert, three (3) sets of grommet inserts to add weight and change string pattern, and three (3) sleeves that go onto the shaft to create length.

The length modification can be made quickly by the player, if necessary, however, the other modifications require the racquet to be unstrung.

These modifications should be left to your racquet technician.

Head Adaptive Length Extenders

Head Adaptive Length Extenders

Below is a spreadsheet representing the various combinations as they are applied.  This does not include all the options because the 16×16 grommet set did not participate in this session.

This was done at Racquet Quest, LLC and represents actual data, not calculated characteristics.


A Vacation?

For the first time in many years I took a one week vacation to the beach! I mean a full week! And, I found out how much fun a vacation can be.

Anyone that operates their own business, small or enterprise, knows how we think everything will fail if we are not there every single hour of every day. Not so!

However, before I left on this marvelous week I did some work on the two new Head Instinct Series racquets. The Instinct MP and the Instinct S. By the time you read this you may know the winner of the women’s singles and if it is Maria Sharapova take a good look at her racquet and you will see the Head Instinct S in her hand. Tomas Berdych is using the Head Instinct MP but he did not make it as far as Maria.

When I get back to the shop I will post more technical specs on both of these racquets but till then let me say they incorporate most of the Head material components but they also include a different shape for the racquet cross section and, my favorite, a string pattern that makes the spacing between every string almost identical!

Stringers, this means shared holes! Yes! So be prepared to think to avoid any cross-overs. The last racquets I did used what I called a “matrix” string pattern that required shared holes and I know there is some resistance to them. But the design enhances the performance of the racquet so “embrace” the shared holes!

Both of these racquets hit with plenty of power and noticeable comfort. Both were strung with the new Head FXP Tour string at very low string bed stiffness. I think this string contributed to the comfort. I re-strung them both with Head FXP but did not have a chance to hit with them…because I went on vacation!

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