Compare Wilson Shift 99/300 to Shift 99/315

Comparisons are fun and can be informative as one of the steps in selecting a tennis racquet that is right for you!

If you have read the individual reviews of these two (2) racquets you may wonder about some of the numbers.

This comparison table makes it easy to see the properties.

  • You will notice very little difference in these racquets’ overall weight and swing weight. Typically tolerances will be in the plus/minus 7-gram range.
    What does that mean?
    For example:
    • A 300-gram racquet can weigh from 293 to 307 grams.
    • A 315-gram racquet can weigh from 308 to 322 grams.
      • Different model racquets can be the same weight. 
      • Same-model racquets can be an ounce different in weight.
This much variation is very rare!

So, when multiple racquets are received at the World Headquarters they are characterized to match similar racquets within a model.

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