Head Prestige 360+

When you think of Head tennis racquets you likely think of the “Prestige” series, which for over thirty (30) years has been the “performance” racquet!


Because the Prestige series has been considered an all out players racquet the perception that it is stiff has been perpetuated over the years!  This is not accurate, of course!  The data above shows the unstrung numbers of each of the Prestige 360+ racquets.  You will notice the flex is quite suitable for most players!

There is a Prestige for every player style and this new Prestige line has style that truly sets it apart.  Sure there are other red racquets but the Prestige does red better than most other frames, in my opinion.

More data will be added as the demo racquets are strung and ready to go but in the meantime the above data will give you a really good idea of which Prestige 360+ will suit you.  To arrive at an approximate strung weight just add 16 grams to the “overall weight”, and for swing weight add 30 grams to the “swing weight”.

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