Let’s Build Some Racquets!

Building a “custom” racquet is exciting not only because of the work involved but from the “joy” of the finished product!

When I receive racquets similar to the state shown the first thing that happens is numbering and characterization so it can be tracked throughout the process.

Volkl Custom Racquets

Volkl Custom Racquets

The first piece of equipment I use is the Ereca Balance System.  Here is why.  The two (2) scale system is fast and extremely accurate.  This first “pass” tells me how much work is required to get the racquets to the customers specification.

These racquets had an average deviation of 1.69 grams!  Other specs were also very close.  Knowing this when I start the process means I can pick almost any of the racquets with confidence that I can achieve the desired “finished” specifications.

As you know I insist on swing weight as a major racquet property but this system gets me off to a great start and saves considerable time.

Each client has a specific specification they want in terms of length, swing weight, overall weight, grip size, grip material and where any modifying material, if required, will be added.

Adding string is a big factor because of the different weights of various string.  Stringing is, typically, the final step in customization if any material is under the bumper guard

Custom racquets are not only fun to build they are fun to play with!


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  1. Robert Gualtieri

    Is building a racquet similar in cost to paying retail for a name brand racquet such as Wilson RF97?

    • RacquetQuest

      Robert, it depends on how much customization is specified by the player. In some cases it may not be any more expensive than a “retail” racquet.

      • Robert Gualtieri

        I understand it can vary widely with cost being higher for players on the tour. Club/rec level players like myself my need less customization. You customized 2 Volkl PB 8’s for me just over a year ago and I liked them. Since then I’ve purchased the Wilson RF97 and have been playing with it stock. I really like the racquet but it is a beast. If I don’t make ball contact out in front enough I feel some discomfort in the wrist so I’ve been thinking about changing racquets…again, so that’s why I was asking about building a racquet. Retail value on racquets like the RF97 is up there. We tennis players are always in search of something to help us to keep improving :-).

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