What’s in Your Racquet?

We do a ton of customization on all sorts of racquets so we see many types of manufacturers methods to arrive at a certain static balance (center of gravity).  Static balance(CG) is fairly easy for the manufacturer to adjust as opposed to “swing weight” or “inertia”, which is the distribution of weight, but more about that later.

So, what’s in your racquet?


Multiple Additives

In this racquet, we find several ways manufacturers use to arrive at the desired static balance.  We see steel (the shiny stuff), silicone (black blob), and elastomeric material (red stuff) that helps reduce high-frequency vibration(s).

Grip Pallet

“Clam Shell” Grip Pallet

This racquet shows a “typical” racquet with the butt cap removed.  We can barely see a “bulge” in the shaft where the steel weight is added between the “tubes” prior to the “molding” process.

As you can see, this pallet type is two (2) halves that are bonded to the racquet tube.

We see, also, cracks at various locations which is due to the very thin sections of material.  See the upper right-hand corner?  The crack you see on the left side down from the corner is probably caused by staples used to secure the butt cap.

So, what’s in your racquet?









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