Dunlop iDapt Racquets

By now you have probably seen, or even hit with, the new concept by Dunlop they have named “iDapt” and for good reason.

If you have not learned much about this series I will try to make it clear as to what the iDapt does.

First is does not come in one (1) piece!  Yikes, you say!  What can you do with two (2) pieces of tennis racquet?  Well, that is the beauty of the iDapt.  You can pretty much do anything you like!

Dunlop iDapt Pre-Assembly

Dunlop iDapt Pre-Assembly

Basically the racquet consists of a “head” and a “grip”.  These two (2) pieces are held together with a high strength bolt inserted through the grip and torqued to a pre-determined force.  The torquing is achieved using the special torque wrench supplied to dealers by Dunlop.

Before any torquing takes place a “shock sleeve” is placed on the head portion then the grip is placed on the “shock sleeve”.

Dunlop iDapt Shock Sleeves

Dunlop iDapt Shock Sleeves

Then the torquing takes place.  A click will be heard when the proper torque is achieved.  Once this is assembled the racquet behaves like a one piece racquet!  This is confirmed by testing on two (2) devices in the shop.

What this means to you is total control over the head size, grip size, and grip length.  Head sizes range from 98 to 105 and the option of an “open” string pattern is included.  Grip sizes range from “0” to “5” and 27 or 27.5 inches total racquet length.  The “shock sleeve” comes in three (3) stiffnesses ranging from Soft (red), Medium (green), and Firm (blue).


There are many possibilities with this many components available.  You can start with a small grip size for a junior for example and increase grip size as the player grows.  Or you can have two (2) racquets with one being 27 and one 27.5 inches long.  The longer length adds significant inertia without adding much weight.


Dunlop iDapt Grips

Please stop by to see, understand, and demo this unique racquet concept.

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