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Surprise, surprise!

In all of my many years of tennis racquet work, two things happened this very month that I have never seen before!

    • Failure by Fruit
    • ZUS tennis racquet

How can this happen?  One surprise is amazing, but two?

You can click here to read about “Failure by Fruit”

You can click here to read about the “ZUS tennis racquet” and see some specs so you will be really informed!

We wonder what surprises are waiting for us!


Don’t be Beanie-less!

RQ Beanies!

Don’t be without a beanie!

Bag your beanie at Racquet Quest World Headquarters while supplies last. These are awesome!

Don’t be without a beanie for your chilly early morning tennis that is coming soon!  Yes, even in Florida!

If you can’t stop by the World Headquarters we can send it.  Just tell us where!

Bag a Beanie!