Pro Stock Racquets & You

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t have multiple request for “pro” racquets, or “pro stock” as the cognoscenti refer to them!

It is well known that some top professionals do not use the same racquet you and I can purchase at our local retail store. So what is the difference?

Pro Racquets Getting Ready

Pro Racquets Getting Ready

You can see by the image that there are different levels of work required to get the “pro” racquets ready. The orange racquets require a lot of work including reducing the length, install pallets, and complete the dynamic customization to suit the player.

The all black racquets require some weight and swing weight modification and stringing but that is about all. The white racquets require some weight and swing weight work and stringing then they are ready to go.

The primary difference between your racquet and these is that these “pro stock” racquets are typically a little lighter than the retail versions so weight can be added to adjust swing weight and overall weight.

If you get your hands on a “pro stock” racquet it has, probably, already been modified and will normally feel heavier than a retail version. So a “pro stock” racquet can be a confusing quest.

My advice is to not worry about getting a “pro stock” racquet but instead make your racquet suit your needs! Make you own “pro stock” racquet.

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