Change Tension with Temperature Change?

In some parts of the country, and indeed the World, temperatures are going to be going down! I know many of you don’t play outdoor tennis in the the winter but I still have questions, and comments, on how “hard” the “impact” feels when it is cold.

I have tested string bed stiffness after long term exposure to 38 degrees (F) and can confirm that the string bed stiffness was no higher than the same string bed at room temperature. What is happening, I believe, is the ball is becoming a little stiffer at lower temperatures which could affect a slightly harder feel when hitting the ball.

So, I don’t think you need to reduce string tension just because the temperature is going down.

If this “feel” is an issue for you why don’t you try to keep the balls warm? You can keep the balls in a thermal bag and even throw in a micro waveable heat pad.

On the other hand if it is that cold you may consider watching tennis on television, say, from Miami!

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