Acelon Wildfire Hex String

For several months, as you know, we have been discussing “shaped” strings.  Most of the current shaped strings are polyester based but now there is a new, or actually two (2), shaped strings that are primarily nylon material.

You all know the difference between polyester and nylon string so I am excited to have a “soft” option available.  This option allows more serious players to experience what shaping can do (maybe contribute to spin) and the high elongation of a multi-filament string.

I have been using the standard round Acelon Wildfire for a long time and it is one of the best “value” oriented multi-filaments I have found.  What is “value”?  Of course it is different things to different players but I assign “value” to a string that will play well, protect wrist, arms and shoulders, and be reasonably priced.  Most multi-filament strings are in the $35.00 range, so the Acelon Wildfire Hex at $31.00 does represent value.

To make this string even more valuable I am going to make it this periods “special” and offer either the 16 gauge or 17 gauge Acelon Wildfire Hex for $24.99 while this supply lasts.

Try it!



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