Shot-Stat…what do you know?

You are all aware, probably, of the Babolat Pure Drive Play racquet that incorporates sensors and accelerometers to give you feed-back, good or bad!

Sony also has a new device that is available for a few Yonex racquets in Japan at this time.

Now there is another device, sort of like a vibration damper, that will give you feed-back on your shots, good or bad.  This is a pre-production announcement so here is a link if you want to investigate it further.

I have no first hand experience with this device but it relates to tennis so it may be interesting to find out more.  I am anxious to get my hands on one!



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  1. Whatever happened to good old fashioned wooden rackets and gut strings. Technology has gone too far!

    • RacquetQuest

      Mike, time marches on! Somewhere I have a Wilson Jack Kramer strung with VS gut with the beautiful “VS” logo! I will post a picture if I can find the racquet!

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