Aptitude or Attitude

If you have been watching any of the Australian Open you have, no doubt, seen the “upsets”. First Serena, then Maria on the womens side. On the mens side I couldn’t call any loss an upset anymore.

However, as the title indiactes, this is about “aptitude or attitude”, and, you could see on the faces of both Serena and Maria the “attitude” was less than positive even while they were striking the ball with authority. They simply looked like they didn’t want to be there! I know there may have been injuries involved.

In the case of Azarenka v Stephens it looked to me like Sloan’s attitude, even from the begining, was less than positive…and she lost.

The point is use your good “attitude” to balance out what may be your less than stellar “aptitude”. Go on court with a good attitude and you will maximize your aptitude. Try it!

Aptitude: “a natural ability to do something”

Attitude: “a feeling or way of thinking that affects a person’s behaviour”

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