We all know about slapping some flames on our old Mercedes , Bentley, or Rolls to make it “ours”  but what does that have to do with tennis racquets?

Well, actually, as much or as little as you want.  Customization, for our purposes, are changes made to your racquet(s) to make it “yours” and perform better for “you”.

These changes can be as minor as adding weight, changing grip size, or changing swing weight, either as a temporary or permanent modification.

Customization can be done at almost any time.  So a new racquet can be customized  before you even hit a shot.  We can make a number of changes actually during a match!  Of course these “quick” changes will not be optimal but will be effective.  When the racquet is in our shop much more can be done, of course.  More, and different, modifications can be done if the racquet is not strung, for example.

The best time to do some customization is when your racquet is new or is due for re-stringing, but anytime is better than not doing it at all and not playing your best!

RacquetQuest has the experience and equipment to make the positive changes you want.

Customization…make it yours!

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