Tennis Racquet Grip: Shape & Size

Grip size and shape comes right after proper stringing when it comes to racquet comfort and performance.  What you have in your hand can not be secondary to your other selection criteria but it almost always is, it seems.

Right after stringing the next most requested service at Racquet Quest LLC is grip sizing and shape modification.  Most grips can be modified but some can not so it is important to know the difference before you, or anyone, starts ripping parts off of your racquet.

This brings me to the reason for this post!

Below is an image of the typical racquet grip pallet systems.  It is obvious that the grey pallets are easily interchangeable and the amber grip pallet would require considerable effort to change it.

Interchangeable Pallets

Interchangeable Pallets

Permanent Pallet

Permanent (almost) Pallet

As of now there are a few racquet manufacturers that offer interchangeable grip pallets but there are more that don’t!  Why not, you are asking.

One reason is that the racquet company simply does not trust most racquet stringers to remove and replace grip pallets.  Some pallets are attached with mechanical fasteners (screws!) and others use chemical adhesives (glue!).  The grey pallets are used by Head and Head does not make it easy to get these pallets.

Great care is necessary when removing pallets that are glued.  It is easy to crack or totally destroy pallets.   This becomes a big issue for the racquet company.  Therefore, many racquet companies don’t want anyone messing with grip pallets.

So, I ask you, would you be more likely to purchase a tennis racquet that had “interchangeable” grip pallets?  That means the grip shape and size could be changed quickly and easily but not necessarily cheaply.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most likely where would you be?

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  1. thanks for the photos.

  2. How much does the service typically cost with Head racquets?

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