String Stenciling? Is it for you?

As you have noticed almost every professional tennis player has some sort of “logo” on the strings in their racquet(s).  This is not just because they like ink on their strings this is typically a “sponsorship” requirement.

How about you?  Do you want a “logo” on your racquet?  Unless you are a sponsored player it is not a requirement but sometimes you can receive a little discount on stringing if you put the stringing service logo on your strings.


Racquet Quest Logo

This is the case at RacquetQuest!  If you put our logo on your strings you can save 5% on your stringing costs!  We have silver, white, and yellow ink for dark colored strings and of course red or black for the lighter strings.  Polyester based strings do not “hold” ink very well while synthetics and natural gut do a great job of ink retention.

Do you want a custom “logo” stencil?  Just ask and we an cut a stencil for you, and you only!

Either way your racquet will look great with a good logo on it.  Is it for you?

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  1. Great value but not for the serious wine drinker! that means not for me unless it is their top of the range Reserve which is not bad

    • Mike, what would I look for on the bottle?  “Reserve” a year or region?  What is a better wine for the “serious” wine drinker?Cheers!John

      • First of all hold the bottle up to the light.If you can see through it then leave it alone.
        This is my first criteria.
        Australian wines IMHO the best is Clare Valley,Barossa Valley or McLaren Vales.Full bodied wines Shiraz is the way to go.
        Reserve is a good start.I dont know what brands you get in USA maybe you could give me an email and I will give you the good oil
        I am going through a wine crisis right now as My daughter is getting married in 10 weeks and I am confused as to which wine i will provide ALL TOO HARD!

  2. As a matter of course I clean and polish the racquet before the strings go in and then complete the job with a manufacturers stencil.
    I will not do this unless asked not to.
    For a long time now i have been thinking of my own logo and I have one in mind now it’s only a matter of “getting around to it”

    • Mike, thanks for the input!  Just do it!  What would your logo look like?  I think a nice silhouette of a wine bottle would work for most of my customers!I have been drinking a little Jacobs Creek Shiraz lately and it is pretty good and a great value!Cheers!

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