The Ultimate Green Combo?

For several weeks I have been hitting with the Origine Flax Fiber Racquet. The Flax fiber replaces about 15% of the carbon fiber found in most racquets, so I guess you can call it a “green” racquet.

The string I am using now is a new offering from Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg. located in Rhode Island! Yes, that is in the United States! As far as I know Ashaway is the only US based string manufacturer. Anyway, this string is “green” in the aesthetic sense.  The ID of this string is Ashaway Dynamite Soft 17.  Dynamite is also available in a 18 gauge and a great blue color.

Ashaway Dynamite Soft 18 Blue

I installed the string at a reference tension of 50 pounds. Having Zyex as a component, this string prefers slightly lower tension than other non-polyester strings. This string uses a “woven” process that leaves a little roughness on the surface.

The finished string bed stiffness was an RDC  53, and the Dynamic Stiffness was 34.  After 48 hours of no hitting the RDC is 51 and the Dynamic is 33.  This represents a tension loss of only 3.7%!  This compares to the normal 8-9%!  If you don’t like tension loss you should try this string.  As a Premium string be prepared to spend over $30.00 for this in your racquet.

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