Tennis…therapy or just a game?

Tennis is a great game but is it therapy?

After almost 12 years as an owner of a tennis specialty shop I have seen my share of emotional wrecks at the hands of our beloved game of tennis!

Tennis can be many things but I am not sure I would ever call it “therapy” for competitive and/or league players.

The most common of the indicators are the occasional player that would be in tears as she came in for a new outfit, shoes, or racquet stringing. The reason(s)?

“I am not playing with a very good player and the team captain refuses to change the line-up! I am the best player on the team but we just can’t win together…
Or, I am playing at a much higher line than I should. I am constantly embarrassed!
Or, I really want to play with Susan because we really get along well together on the court, however, we have not won a match this season…
Or, my team captain simply hates me! She always makes me play with the “sub” of the day!
Or, playing on this team is just not fun anymore.”

The last reason is probably the final straw when it comes to making a decision whether to continue on a competitive team or league.

So, what do you do? Well, for sure you want to buy a new outfit and shoes. Then go play tennis with a friend! Don’t play points, don’t drill, don’t change strokes, don’t think about tennis at all, simply enjoy the fun of hitting the ball back and forth, and, of course, your new outfit!

Tennis is a game! Treat it as such and enjoy the benefits of just doing it!

But, if you insist on therapy I am sure your local tennis shop will be happy to see you.

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  1. A little bit of therapy never hurt anyone but your pocket! I am all for therapy and have fun too!

    • Tennis is totally therapy for me. I guess it’s because I have so much else going on in my life. When I’m on the court I HAVE to focus on tennis…I can’t let anything else in my brain. I love that escape. Being able to simply play and eliminate all other thoughts is incredibly therapeutic. Shopping is therapeutic, too, but not nearly as good for me as a good game of tennis. 🙂

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