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Should Tennis be Quiet…Part Tres

The word is out that the WTA is going to make a real effort to reduce the amount, and decibel level, of “grunting, screeching, and other player noises during a point.

I, for one, am glad they are taking this action. It can be disrupting to the opposing player but most importantly the grunting is disgusting some spectators whether at the venue or home. We need to keep every spectator we can so this action will make it clear the WTA, and ATP for that matter, take excessive noise seriously.

It may take a while for this to become totally effective but it is a step in the right direction.

Should Tennis be Quiet…Part Deux

Last January I wrote “Should Tennis be Quiet?” That post elicited several responses and the overwhelming were “please stop the grunting/screaming!”

Now it is about six (6) months later and we have proof that you don’t need to grunt/scream to win a match. That proof came from Ms. Cilbukova with her win over Azerenska at the French Open. I hear that the WTA says it would required the grunters/screamers to learn how to play tennis all over again! The WTA does suggest, however, that newer players should be trained without the excessive noises.

What do you think?