Should Tennis be Quiet…Part Deux

Last January I wrote “Should Tennis be Quiet?” That post elicited several responses and the overwhelming were “please stop the grunting/screaming!”

Now it is about six (6) months later and we have proof that you don’t need to grunt/scream to win a match. That proof came from Ms. Cilbukova with her win over Azerenska at the French Open. I hear that the WTA says it would required the grunters/screamers to learn how to play tennis all over again! The WTA does suggest, however, that newer players should be trained without the excessive noises.

What do you think?

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  1. Mike Newbound

    Oh Please shut1 up you are ruining my viewing of the T.V. it is no longer a pleasure.
    They would soon shut up if fines were imposed,

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