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Are you ready for a peek at the NOIR SIDE?

 Are you ready for the Dark Side?

Do you dare?  Of course you do!

Of course you’re ready!  You have been hitting with the Wilson Blade for a while but always wanted a Noir racquet!

But why?

These Noir Series racquets represent the pinnacle of style!

When combined with the performance of the Blade and Pro Staff models the Noir aesthetic projects your determination to anyone standing in your way of success on the court!



These racquets are duplicates of the current “rust” Pro Staff and the “green” Blade so you are assured of the performance and feel of the Blade or Pro Staff you are currently using which means all you need to do is buy one…then visit the Dark Side.  We have a few remaining!

So, what IS the difference?

Wilson has presented us with a couple of choices when it comes to choosing a 100-square-inch racquet!

Just what we need…right?

Later we will have a comparison table showing the pertinent property data, but now we can  see the graphics difference between the two racquets:

Pro Staff Six-One 100

ProStaff X v14 100

The Pro Staff Six-One 100 has a very shiny rust color.  The Pro Staff X is the matt finish used on most of the v14 Pro Staff models.

In addition to the “shining,” the Six-One has the “normal” elliptical cross-section, while the “X” has a “box beam” geometry which is a little more narrow.

The Six-One is a Beefier” looking racquet!

The string spacing on the “X” is slightly more open, which may contribute to the power calculation being a bit higher.

The flex of the “X” is a little greater in the shaft area.

That is enough talk!”  

Let’s look at the numbers:

Racquet ModelWilson Pro Staff X 100, v14
Reference Tension55

PEEK 7710
Machine UsedTrue Tension Professional
String Bed Stiffness - RDC50.0 Units
String Bed Stiffness -FlexFour61.0 Pounds
String Bed Stiffness - SBS47.0 pounds
String Bed Stiffness - ERT38 Kg/Cm
Racquet Flex, RDC64 - After Stringing
Racquet Flex, FlexFour47.0
Racquet - In Plane Stiffness467.9 Lbs/Inch
Weight, Grams340
Weight, Ounces11.99
Balance, mm322
Balance, Inch12.68
Length, Cm68.6
Length, Inch27.03
Head Width9.73
Head Length13.06
Head Area, cm2643.4
Head Area, Sq. Inch99.7
Beam Height @ Grip, mm22.3
Beam Height @ Mid, mm22.0
Beam Height @ Tip22.0
Beam Width @ Grip, mm11.00
Beam Width @ Throat, mm11.00
Beam Width @ Mid, mm12.00(PWS)
Beam Width @ Tip, mm12.00(including bumper)
Number of Main Strings16
Number of Cross Strings19
Ratio Cross/Mains.627
Main String Grid7.50
Cross String Grid10.81
Density (% of head filled with string)81.2%
Average Cross String Space.569
Average Main String Space.469
Dynamic Tension, Kp, ERT MasterTensometer38
Dynamic Tension, Lbs/in212.54
First Moment, Nm.841
Polar Moment341.0
Torsional Stability17
Swing Weight, Kg/cm2324
Swing Weight, Ounces11.43
Swing Weight Calculated352.2 (full-length)
Power, RDC53.0
Control, RDC47.0
Manueverability, RDC71.0
Power, Calculated 2088.8
Head Points6.61
Head Weight, %46.9%
Center of Percussion20.8
Dwell Time, ms9.00
Efective Stiffness - lbs28.1
K, Lb/In160.26
Recoil Weight158.85
Twist Weight240.78
End Weight 141.3
Tip Weight 198.9
9 O'Clock102.5
3 O'Clock101.9
Butt Cap135.6
COF, Main.529
COF, Cross.499

Click here to see the Comparison Table