What is an Over-Grip for?

Well, it seems pretty clear that an overgrip is intended to keep the under-grip in good condition for a longer period.

Consider an under-grip of synthetic material that will cost about $15.00 installed and an overgrip is about $1.00 (we put one on for free with every racquet we string). Is it because we are so nice or because we don’t want to spend a lot of time handling your old overgrip! It could be both!

New Over-Grip!

If you listened to the latest Racquet Quest Podcast you heard about our upgrade from Yonex Super Grap to Head Prime Tour overgrips! Why?

There are several reasons but a major one is the packaging of the Head overgrip helps with our efficiency of handling and installing an overgrip. It sounds like a small detail but it is important to us. Plus, the material of the Head Prime Tour is very effective in what it is intended to do!

So, why don’t some players ever change their overgrip? We don’t know! Do you? If so please tell us.

Old Over-Grip!

If you need help installing your overgrip you are welcome to come by the World Headquarters and we will do it for you.

Over-grips are cost-effective enhancements to your racquet grip and your game!  So, get a good clean grip on your racquet!

Head Prime Tour Over-Grip

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