Accuracy Index…what is it?

For a few years, Racquet Quest has been using an “accuracy index” to clarify and understand how the string bed stiffness at a given location can affect where the ball goes. You may say that is the players skill working…or not!

However, players take heart, we know how the string bed accuracy can and will put the ball where you didn’t intend for it to go!

Our Accuracy Index is predicated on racquet support effectiveness and main and cross string junctions matching the “target tensions”. The natural ratio of the racquet is the basis for the target tensions. The “natural ratio” of a racquet is the difference in main string tension and cross string tension in a freshly strung racquet. For example; the main string tension is 50 and the cross string tension is 38 the “natural ratio” is 76%.

The Efficiency Index is the measure of the stringing machines support capabilities. The lower the number the worse the machine support is, therefore the racquet is under a lot of stress and we know what stress does to everything! It is bad!

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