String Failure (continued)

In a previous post, we saw string failure(s) for the same string, i.e., not a “hybrid” format.

In this post, we will see the typical failure of a “hybrid” format using polyester for the main string and a multifilament for the cross string.

The polyester string shows very little wear whereas the multifilament cross string has completely come apart.  This is exactly what one would expect, and frankly, hope for.

This failure indicates the main string is moving across the cross strings which allows the ball to “catch” the main string and begin to “rotate.”

Players may decide on a hybrid format in the belief that the multifilament cross string will significantly mitigate the stiffness of the polyester main string.  Depending on what strings are used this, may or may not be true.

For comparison purposes, this racquet has about seven (7) hours of hitting while training,  That probably relates to about twenty (20) hours of “normal play” for this person.

The caption of this post is “String Failure” but while this string is definitely failed it is not a “failure”.  This setup did exactly what it is intended to do for this player.

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